Monday, May 11, 2009

Cannes Week!

A lot of fellow film enthusiasts at Awards Daily are excitedly anticipating the start of the Cannes Film Festival in France this Wednesday. I’m excited too as two films that Michael is starring in will be premiered at the festival. As I noted at the Cannes link to your right, the film schedule states that Fish Tank will be screened on May 14th, and then Inglourious Basterds will be screened on May 20th. With the films opening a week apart, I don’t know if Michael plans to be at Cannes during the entire festival, or if he just plans on being there for one of the films. He is so busy, I can’t imagine him hanging out in Cannes the whole week, but then again, he could make it a vacation too and therefore killing two birds with one stone.

If Michael’s time is limited, I personally hope he is able to focus on promoting Fish Tank over Basterds because let’s face it, his Fish Tank is a more visible starring role, and as per discussions at AD, some people already believe he will be a serious contender for the Best Actor award at Cannes for Fish Tank. So for pure PR purposes and a possibly tight schedule, I’m thinking that Michael will focus on Fish Tank on Wednesday and Thursday and go back into hiding or working on ‘Jonah Hex’. To keep tabs on the premieres and live discussions about Fish Tank and Inglourious Basterds, I suggest you visit the Cannes Forum at Awards Daily. I post there as ‘smonie’. Some AD posters will be going to Cannes, and I envy them for doing so. And this reminds me about the Toronto International Film Festival in September. I’m crossing everything on my body that is crossable in hopes that Fish Tank is screened at TIFF. If that happens, my ass will so be there dudes! I plan on going anyway cuz it’s a habit, but if Michael will be there, or if not and his film will be screened there, it would be great to go see Fish Tank there if just to hang out with some MFOers and Fassinators. Stay tuned…

Based on my ‘Updates and Question’ blog entry from a few days ago, a cool lurker reader contacted me via email and it was a very enlightening and fun conversation. Some regular readers just don’t like to post at blogs, and I understand and respect that. So if anyone else feels the same way, please, PLEASE just email me any questions or comments about Fassinating Fassbender. You can even just sign the Guestbook which is on your right also. Emails offering compliments or constructive criticism about FF will be welcomed and it also serves as a motivator as it allows me to learn that this blog is being read by regular readers who otherwise do enjoy reading FF, but just don’t want to post. So please don’t be shy, just drop me an email to say hello [note: you have the option to post 'anonymously', you don't need to be registered with Google]. Also, if you the reader want me to write about something specific about Michael’s career or you have a topic idea, I would love to hear from you. Help me make Fassinating Fassbender even more fantastic with your private input.

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