Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Creek makeup behind the scenes

It's so cool seeing how Ken puts together Michael's transformation into Wirth.
Oooh! I'm glad he's not hairy. He has a nice chest. Very nice!

Gross. Looking more like a mummy now.

He looks like one of those demons from 'Event Horizon' & 'Hell Raiser'. Cool!

Tah dah! A much needed cigarette after a long day at work on the set of 'Creek'

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I hope Mr. Niederbaumer doesn't send pitbulls on my ass for borrowing his images to share with Fassinators. I just can't help myself. These are fun to look at. Yesterday's image below is the cleanest of Michael, so here are the narly ones as him in character as 'Wirth'. He's nastier than I first thought.

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Black Penned Writer said...

Michael looks pretty damn scary and in the last one, very vampiric.