Tuesday, May 26, 2009

FassFass live now at Twitter

On a complete whim, I have created a Twitter account to compliment Fassinating Fassbender, abbreviated as ‘FassFass’. I know, it’s corny as hell, but Twitter limits the text for usernames and that’s all I could come up with. My current Twitter - Simone66 is more personal related and I don’t want to clog it up with Michael updates, along with Pearl Jam, NIN, James Franco and family stuff, etc. And those updates via that profile will remain on the sidebar. But the FassFass one will be updated with little bits of Fassy stuff I find on the net that is not significant enough to update Fassinating Fassbender on.

Like if I find an article hidden somewhere, I’ll FassFass twitter it, or a photo that I happen upon but don’t feel like adding it to the blog. Basically, it’ll be my lazy alternative to Fassinating Fassbender, ok, I confess. Plus, when I go to the Toronto International Film Festival in September, if Michael will be there IF Fish Tank is screened there, the FassFass twitter account would prove to be of tremendous value like Twitter did for me under the ‘Cannes’ saved search. That’s how I found many of those one of a kind images of Michael while he was at Cannes… all because of Twitter. So if you use Twitter, you might want to follow ‘FassFass’ and lets see how this puppy will turn out. I just updated FassFass with a link to a ‘new to me’ photo of Michael in Oct 2008 at a Hunger premiere. It belongs to the male fan that is standing next to Michael in the image. Let me know what you think of FassFass!

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