Thursday, May 14, 2009

First images of Michael Fassbender in Cannes

OMG! Still no red carpet Fish Tank premiere photos, but, this one will do. Yes it will.
Another Fish Tank photocall view. Poor Michael, he really needs his sunglasses.

Fish Tank actors and director at Cannes photocall earlier today.

He looks great, but the high sun and the white shirt flushes him out. Blues and Blacks make him super sexy.

Those eyes. That nose. That mouth. Those cheekbones. Dammit, Him Entirely!

I just love LOVE it when Michael giggles his ass off. It's like almost anything makes him laugh. He's so geniune when he laughs and smiles. :-)

If anyone can get me an unwatermarked version of this in a large size, I will massage your feet. Seriously. Please. Anyone? Anyone? I want to see his beautiful eyes. *sniff*

Doesn't he look Gar-geous! I will post these Fish Tank interview photos as I find them. Watch this space! xoxo

Commentary at Awards Daily about Michael's performance in Fish Tank. One of the mods there is at Cannes and he posted a comment about the screening of Fish Tank just now. Here's how it went...

Cedric - "I won't have the time to write reviews for each film HERE this year because I have a lot of work to do ALSO, but I will make sure to post a few random and incoherent thoughts on all the films I see, and needless to say that I was more than highly impressed by this one, and I wazsn't the only one from what I've been hearing right after the first screening this morning.This is a far superior and more complex fillm than Red Road was, that surely will require multiple viewings. It is Katie Jarvis' (and nobody else's) show all way through). Andrea Arnold deals with so many taboo and subversive themes here without ever falling into ANY traps. The sexual and emotionazl tensions are being sustained dramatically for 120 minutes and we keep getting petrified at the idfea of what could come next. A LOT OF tears were shed after the screening, believe me. LMAO I am a birt drunk and already exhausted from the Pixar paerty last night and I am off now to get prepared for Vincent Gallo and Coppola."

Originally Posted by smonie -
this is where I'm a bit conflicted... I don't know if his character is a gross child predator, or a gentle misunderstood soul who really cares for this girl. that's the thing about Michael's acting, especially his just never know. anyway, he looks hotter than fuck at the moment.

Cedric - Grrrrrr aLL i CAN SAY IS THAT WE ALL WANTED TO fuick HIM


Bit from an article I found:

Michael Fassbender, the rising Irish actor, made waves at last year's Cannes film festival with his portrayal of blanket protester Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen's Camera d'Or-winning Hunger.
This year he is in two films in the main competition for the Palme d'Or – Fish Tank and Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, in which an American army lieutenant recruits Jewish-American soldiers in occupied France to take out Nazis.
Like fellow Palme d'Or contender Ken Loach, Arnold does not introduce actors to the whole script of a film and, unusually among film-makers, she shoots in sequence. "Arnold's characters do questionable things," Fassbender said. "But that doesn't make them evil. It is not black and white; there is a lot of shading in there, leaving an audience questioning what they say and the morality of their actions. But I have never wanted to judge the character."

More info about the film. Oh Jesus, I need a fan after reading this:

Mia, played by newcomer Katie Jarvis, is a lary 15-year-old who lives with single mum Joanne, played by Kierston Wareing, her lippy younger sister Tyler — a scene-stealer from Rebecca Griffiths — and their drolly named dog, Tennents. As well as a sincere devotion to cheap supermarket booze, the girls have learned from their mother mannerisms of pre-emptive scorn and rage to cover up perennially hurt feelings. Mia herself is a wannabe dancer, and when she's trying out some moves in the kitchen one morning, her mother's new boyfriend ambles in half-naked, looking to put the kettle on.

This is handsome, charming Connor, outstandingly played by Michael Fassbender, and he looks at Mia with frank appraisal. "You dance like a black," he says, " ... I mean that as a compliment." Poor Mia has never had a compliment or any praise in her life and responds with alternating suspicion and fierce, semi-controlled gratitude, especially when Connor behaves like a real dad, taking everyone out for drives in the country.

Of course there is a sexual atmosphere between Connor and Mia, so tropically humid that the ceiling is almost dripping. Mia pretends to be asleep one night so Connor will carry her to bed, and there is an extremely gamey mock-spanking scene, when Connor pretends to "discipline" her. Mia has no idea how to express or manage huge, unspent reserves of passion: she doesn't know if she wants a lover, or a father — or just someone to love her unconditionally. Connor is perhaps the man for this, but the slippery charmer has secrets.

The performances of Jarvis and Fassbender are outstanding and their chemistry fizzes — and then explodes. It is another highly intelligent, involving film from one of the most powerful voices in British cinema.


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oH what I day!! I jsut love all the new goodies and great reviews!

Simone said...

Thanks Tina, glad you stopped by. It's like Fassychristmas ain't it?


Tina said...

lol...yes it is!! You know his eyes are looking decidedly green in these photos! I cannot wait for some red carpet photos!

Tina said...

Maybe we shoudl create a new holiday...Fassymas, sorta like festivus but way better.

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Those dang redcarpet photos continue to allude us. They will pop up in due time though.

Fassymas. I like the sound of that!

Hear ye hear ye, I declare today, FASSYMAS.:D

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Black Penned Writer said...

Ah those watermarks, annoying is that?

This film sounds like another intense performance. I'm intrigued...

Simone said...

Some additional plot info reveiled today made me really intrigued about this film. I can't wait to see it and I hope that it comes to TIFF.