Thursday, May 14, 2009

Michael and Fish Tank Cannes Red Carpet Premiere

♥ ♥ I said 'Help Me Jesus' when I saw this picture. Pardon my French, but hey, Michael's in France! Doesn't he look gorgeousssexyhandsome? He could be a James Bond Jr.
Michael looks so good in black. Maybe too good for his own good. Grrrrrr.

There he goes giggling again. What is Harry telling him?

Curse that watermark, I want to see Michael's neck, he's showing it off for a reason!

I don't want to resort to violence, but I think it's best that an unwatermarked version of this image is released, pronto! Like asap! Thank God the Getty people didn't cover up his beautiful eyes. It would have been blasphemous.

Attention to detail!!! You go Michael with your bad self! Check out the satin black stripe down his pants, and his shoes are shined properly too. Two snaps up!

Found on Twitter, someone inside the theater of the Fish Tank screening took a picture of Michael sitting down next to director Andrea Arnold. Tee hee hee. Tina, know what that means? *wink wink*

Michael and Andrea Arnold. I wonder if she's a Cougar? I want this film to do well, female director's need their films to be supported.

Hi Michael!

I went to work out at the gym after I left work and came home to find all these red carpet photos. I told the girls at MFO that I reckon that as it was nearing 5pm EST and no RC photos, I didn't think there would be one for Fish Tank. Thankfully I was wrong.

If Michael ever had to take a mug shot side profile, he would have no worries. He's handsome the entire 180 degrees around his head.

Such a handsome group photo. Everyone there was every one's date. :-)
I hope you all enjoyed all the images of Michael and his co-stars/director today, I certainly did! Good luck at Cannes Michael and congratulations to everyone involved in the production of Fish Tank because it has been receiving fantastic reviews.

Images: Getty Images & Wire Image


Tina said...

IF I were Andrea I would become a cougar even if I wasnt one! lololol I am 6 yrs older than Michael does that make me a cougar??

Simone said...

Yes, you are in Cougar territory. A woman over 35 lusting after a man younger than her be a bonafide Cougar lady. We're both Cougars. Ain't no shame in that sister. :)