Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michael and Inglourious Basterds Cannes Red Carpet!

I keep trying to take a break, but then Getty posts, yet another, photo of Michael! Geez!
Smart boy. Stand right next to Brad Pitt and everyone will see you.

I have posted about 22 images in this entry. I'm going to take a much needed break. If I find another new series of Michael photos, I'll create a new blog entry. Enjoy the pictures!

Michael is wearing the same suit from the Fish Tank red carpet, but with a long tie instead.

It looks like the most prominent Basterds are getting full exposure on the red carpet.

The gorgeous Julie Dreyfus is in IB with Michael and Brad.

Look at those long beautiful fingers. And he claims that his tongue is his best body part.

Lucky girl!
Michael is having so much fun!

Yeah Michael, you have arrived baby!!!!

Posting pictures that include Michael as quickly as they appear on Getty Images. Drinking caffeinated green tea is helping me stay on top of this. :-)

Brangelina. Yeahhhhh!!!

Whew! it was fun yet again updating FF spontaenously with images from Getty Images of Michael on the red carpet for the Cannes premiere of Inglourious Basterds. He looked like he was enjoying himself a bit more on this red carpet circuit than last week, but surely he must be so exhausted by now. I hope to find more pictures of Michael throughout the rest of the day. So stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

On Tarantino Archives, there is a photo of Michael holding hands with Julie Dreyfus...

Simone said...

Can you be more specific and post a link to said photo? In any event, Michael was hugging, embracing, holding hands, and kissing a lot of people in Cannes.

Anonymous said...

i dont know what specifics you want, they were just holding hands.

Simone said...

I found it - I was asking for the picture itself. Here it is. :)

Michael and JulieI don't think they are a couple, but they do look better together than the other person he reportedly took to Cannes.