Monday, May 11, 2009

Michael Fassbender is a Basterd! I Knew it!

Finally! The last Basterd's poster has been unveiled and in a grand way too! This is a picture of Michael Fassbender's 'Inglourious Basterd' basterd poster sitting handsomely at a theater in Cannes!! Wow! What a way to welcome the thousands upon thousands of media, celebrities, and film-lovers to the Cannes Film Festival. As soon as there is a normal sized poster gif available, I'll post it.

Whew! I was just startin' to get an attitude because they have been delaying this poster release.

Cannes Croisette: The Final Basterd is Michael Fassbender

Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, Diane Kruger, Mélanie Laurent and Till Schweiger are all basterds....worth putting up on a one sheet. Peter from just preemed Schweiger and upon my arrival and first footsteps on the sunny Croisette I found the sixth and final basterd in Michael Fassbender. A talent I discovered same time last year with his pound-losing portrayal of Bobby Sands in Steve McQueen's Hunger, Fassender takes on the role of Lt. Archie Hicox. Read more...

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