Monday, May 18, 2009

Michael has a lot of hopes

I found this from IndieWire this morning:

“Fish Tank” director Andrea Arnold (left) with one of last year’s Cannes breakthrough’s, “Hunger” lead Michael Fassbender (right), who co-stars in her new film here in Cannes. “Its been busy this year, its been great,” Fassbender said of his past 12 months since Cannes ‘08. Asked at a Cannes press conference about the range of films he’s made this year, he noted, “What really interests me is to do lots of different things, different styles of things, different characters, really.” Pushed to ponder where he’ll be in a five years, he added, “In five years time, i dont know, hopefully I’ll still be working and hopefully will be working with people that I can learn from. “Hopefully I’ll learn something new and work with people who can teach me new things.”

Well, it's Day 6 at Cannes and the Brangelina talks are heating up in preparation for Brad Pitt to be at Cannes in support of the Inglourious Basterds premiere on Wednesday. Will Angelina Jolie be with him, we're just dying to know, just dying I'm telling ya! I'm getting so excited about this particular red carpet because the Big Wigs are in on this and that means that we'll get plenty of Michael also. Based on his now higher profile in this film, I'm starting to recognize that Tarantino, and his producers are aware of Michael's fan base and know that we will not settle for Michael being slighted or overlooked in the least. He is a rising star and THE ONE to watch as the IB PR machine is being gassed up and ready to roll. We were previously neglected when there was not one ounce of information leaked from the set of filming IB pertaining to Michael, but now that it will premiere in Cannes in a few days, we are learning all sorts of things. As you will see along the right sidebar near the top, Quentin gushes big time about Michael and what we also learned is that Michael will be speaking his native tongue, German, in thirty minutes of dialogue in the film. This is fantastic information and I cannot wait to hear and see Michael as Lt. Archie Hicox kicking massive ass while speaking in German.

It's also funny how a lot of articles over the past few days have been referring to Michael as British. Well, although he lives in London and has spent a great portion of the past 10 years or so there, he is German born, but raised in Ireland. However, I don't know if all of you know this, but Michael has a German passport which is his major legal document of identification whilst traveling. So, to me that makes him more German than anything, but as he said in the Crash interview, he considers himself to be 'European', and he's so right.

I don't know how much more Michael news will come out today, but we may start seeing new stuff as early as Tuesday, and then a volcanic eruption of Fassbender stuff all day Wednesday. It'll be Fassymas again!

Question: In that ultra cool interview I posted yesterday with the screencaps, when Michael declared that his tongue was his best body part. I wonder why? Dare I ponder this question for too long? I would like to ask the Fassinators what is your favorite body part on Michael? Be honest, speak the truth! For me, this may sound demure and simple, but I LOVE his eyes. My second favorite part are his legs, courtesy of the repeat viewings from '300'.

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Anonymous said...

Your question - My favourite bit... well its the whole package really and can't separate the personality/talent from the looks. Eyes, yes deffo but I'm a chest, arms and hands kinda woman. So although he is v skinny I'll go for the pecs and biceps cause he's still quite toned. His hands are good but not in the Hugh Jackman league and I'm not talking about the steel claws. Also love Michael when he's all stubble and love the fact that its ginger but I also am a big fan of the upper thigh in 300 that shot were it pans in on him unsheathing the sword (pwhaor!)

Tina said...

Well I am going to assume that his favorite body part is his tongue because he needs it to speak. However, i am goign to let my dirty little mind go in a much different direction. South perhaps?

I have to agree with Anonymous in that his stubble is just yummy. His eyes are just amazingly expressive.

Simone said...

Ooooh, I just love anon posts! Yes, it goes without saying that for a 'very skinny' guy, Michael has fantastic toned muscle structure, and them thighsssssss. Please, don't get me started. I know what scene from '300' you speak of. LOL!

And it appears that Michael has 'ginger' hair all over his body too. He could be Ginger Spice in the Spice Boys. :)

Elena and Olga said...

Simone, Tina))
It's soo hard to choose... Such East, West, North... em... South... WOW... we'll love Michael entirely... With tongue and South... LOL))))

Simone said...

I'm sure Michael knew exactly what he was doing when he said that his tongue was his best body part.

Bad boy. Grrrrrrrr.

Tina said...

I was thinking the same thing Simone!! He is such a flirt!

Simone said...

He's very bold in the things he says. I reckon his flirting has lead to many conquests. Sexy basterd!

LOL! :)