Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michael in Cannes: Day 1

Today kicks off the 2009 Cannes Film Festival! I am quite excited about Cannes this year because Michael Fassbender will be there in support of two of his films: Fish Tank and Inglourious Basterds. I have always thought it would be nice to go the film festival in Cannes, France, but because it is the premiere film festival on the planet, and since it’s in France, the festival is not as logistically and financially feasible for most film fans like myself to attend. Especially since those of us in the States are spoiled by the more fan friendly atmosphere of the second most influential film Festival, The Toronto Int’l Film Festival. I will make it to Cannes one day, but in the meanwhile, TIFF will more than suffice.

I’m hoping that we see or hear about Michael as early as today, but we may have to test our patience and wait at least another 24-hours before we hear something in relation to Fish Tank, which will screen on Thursday. I also read that he will be supporting Inglourious Basterds too, which will screen next Wednesday, May 20th, so we may get a lot of Cannes info about Michael hanging out with all the other celebrities.

And this brings me to an online gossip article I read a couple days ago. I knew this day would come when I would have to make a comment about something that I read about Michael and make the decision to not bring forth the topic on Fassinating Fassbender. The whole purpose of FF is to provide positive and supportive and fun information about Michael’s career and general cool public info about his private life. However, as a long and tested fan of quite a few male celebrities over the years, there is an aspect of following an actor’s public/private life that can get out of control if you follow too closely and BELIEVE everything you read. Along with my decade plus experience of following the careers of other very high-profile actors (but not to the degree of creating a blog in honor of them), I have learned things about them that are very gossipy in nature and some gossip themes attract certain kinds of fans who start to pay more attention to a celebrity because of their private life and what it is or could be about. That’s not what I will be doing here at FF. Already, like according to what Chapter 3 of the Hollywood Gossip Bylaws Rules & Regulation Manual, dictates, some gossipy stuff is starting up about Michael, just mere days before the Cannes Film Festival. Geez, ain’t that a coincidence? Not!

I am an extremely open minded and enlightened individual and when it comes to gossip, I’ve pretty much heard it all so nothing surprises me. My Buddhist nature allows me to subscribe in the live and let live belief. And short of extreme skanky behavior, pathological arrogance, drug abuse, animal/child neglect, or murder, I don’t judge people. LOL! And I know that Michael possesses none of those behaviors, so he’s good folk in my book. Happy, fun, cool, sexy gossip about Michael may be acknowledged if it compliments a FF blog article I need to write; but any gossip that has a whiff of bullshit, I won’t touch it, and Simone’s got fresh batteries in her bullshit detector. Capiche?

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