Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michael in the News: Cannes

I often find these short and sweet newsbites on Michael but just never seem to post them here at FF because it seems redundant. Well I'm going to start now because the information these quick pieces provide are just fantastic and give us great need-to-know-info!

Brad Pitt has his jacket off and Angelina Jolie is stroking his neck as he chats to fellow cast mates from Inglourious Basterds.
Great beach-front party off the Croisette. DJ playing classic soul and R&B.
I see Brad and Angelina rocking to the beat, it's impossible not to!
Michael Fassbender with his parents.
This actor is on the way to big name recognition, just a matter of time folks and Michael will be as big as, well, huge.
He was in Hunger last year and he has a line up of movies coming that will place him high up that ladder to stardom.
There's whispers that Angelina's pregnant, don't think so.
That is so cute, he brought mommy and daddy to Cannes with him. I'm going to have to research those red carpet pics again to see if I see older Fassbenderish looking people in the background. This bit is from the Daily Mail and it's about time they start writing about him since so many in the British media want to make him British.

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