Monday, May 25, 2009

Michael is a top 10 highlight of Cannes...

According to a correspondent from the Film Experience Blog. It's these cool under the radar comments from cinephiles about Michael Fassbender that is the cherry on top. The Film Experience Blog is listed as a Fassbender Friendly blog link on the sidebar, so support of him there is not unusual. So it's still very exciting when I find something there written about Michael that I feel needs to be shared. A regular poster of the blog was lucky enough to go to Cannes and if you read her entire article at FE, you'll see she dived in head first at the film festival and left it with great praise for Michael's work in two films there.

07 Michael Fassbender Yummy. I could not sit through the entirety of Hunger, which I found immensely disturbing, but Fassbender capitalizes on his breakthrough status in two Cannes films. He excels in Tarantino’s Basterds and in Fish Tank he is the perfect blend of charm and sleaze. He leaves the audience and characters confused about the character’s intentions until the very end. It's a credit to his screen charisma that I desperately wanted to believe in his sincerity until the last possible second.

Rosengje's assessment of Michael's performances in both IB and FT continues to leave me at least more intrigued about his characters, especially Connor in Fish Tank. And after watching Red Road last night, I am prepared for a significant plot twist that may make us not like Connor very much towards the end.

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