Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michael was a success at Cannes!

Wow, wasn't yesterday exciting? Didn't you just feel the Inglourious Basterds red carpet heat coming through your computer screen? It was fun but tiring and a tad stressful trying to skim through the images as they popped up at Getty Images - live. I pretty much captured all of the really good ones that had Michael in a clear shot, and thankfully, the girls at MFO uncovered one favorite that is unwatermarked (him waving those delicious fingers), and a cute one with him peeking his head out between his fellow cast members.

The two top images below were discovered by MFOer Alice the other day. Michael was misidentified in the images as another cast member, but rest assure, the website has been notified about the true identity of the young man pictured. Morons. LOL!

I wanted to let you know that I modified the 'demographic' poll to include South America. Duh! I totally forgot that huge part of the planet. Sorry. And I also revamped the 'Actor work with Michael' poll to be on the sidebar, so please resume voting there if you haven't. I love the anonymous comments, please keep them coming. I realize that not everyone feels comfortable posting online for privacy reasons and I'm glad that the events from Cannes is prompting some long time readers to post quick comments. Also, I added my personal email link in the Admin contact info on the sidebar because it was brought to my attention that someone emailed me at my gmail account but I never got it. I don't want that to happen again and although I do check my 'spam' box at gmail, I may still miss something. So if you email me and don't hear from me within a day, email me again at the alternative email address. Also, my friend Steve who is diligently fighting the Prop 8 battle in California will be so kind in modifying the FF banner just as soon as I find another image to send to him. I found one image from the Fish Tank red carpet, and I'm sure you all will agree with my selecting it to be added to the banner. I will replace two images from the current banner, or maybe all three. I just love his agency photo, and the one in the middle is the one I personally took of him in Toronto, and of course the third one is just so, inviting. Well, the revised banner will welcome in the Spring and Summer season and you will love it once it's unveiled in the coming week or so.

And lastly, yesterday was a fun Fassymas day, but it was also stressful as I was given a one month's notice on my job. So I will be doing a massive job search in an already very tight and depressed job market here in Michigan, so I may not be able to be as on top of FF as I would like, due to the job search or just being depressed about the whole thing. But, I'll persevere, somehow. Anyway, enjoy your day and if I find something new today, I'll update the blog asap. xoxo

Signing autographs during the IB photocall.
A Most Inglourious Basterd

Fassy Peek-a-boo!

Ahhhhhhh, them fingers. Imagine them dripping with chocolate. Imagine.

Shake what yo momma gave you Michael!!!


Black Penned Writer said...

There was so much Cannes goodiness to take in, I'm still digesting it. I loved the IB premiere photos. The cast looked like they had tons of fun.

I am so sorry about your job. That sucks, royally. Good luck.

Simone said...

Glad you enjoyed the IB red carpet. From what I heard from someone who was there, it was complete pandemonium when Brangelina arrived.

Thanks for the kind words. It's bittersweet as I am eager to move on, but still, I want another job secured before I do move on.

Simone said...

Here are ,
of Michael at the after-party.

And this is a
clip with a brief interview of Michael after the IB screening.