Friday, May 29, 2009

POTW - Calm after the storm

The past two weeks has been Michael Fassbender overdose. It was well deserved as the MONTHS leading up to the Fassy Cannes media vomit, there was nothing! We got hit with gossip/rumors, glorious print images of Michael, and loads of live video coverage of interviews on and off the red carpet. But now we're headed into another quiet spell on the Fassbender front and that's par for the course.

I wanted to bring to your attention that in lieu of me opening up FassFass on twitter this week, you might want to check out The Real Basterds twitter as they have ongoing contests to win posters from the movie. It's not clear if they have Michael posters yet, but I would only be interested in that version naturally.

I'll close the Cannes movie poll Sunday evening, but it has been interesting to see how close the films are in gauging people's interest in seeing one over the other. And since Fish Tank won a Cannes award, it's nice to see that this small independent film made in 30 days in the UK with non-A list celebrities has garnered great attention over the crazy big budget, big named ensemble film of IB.

This week has added a 13th Fassinating Follower and two gentlemen Fassy fans added their two pence to the demographic poll, much to my glee - I want male Fassinators to feel comfortable visiting FF. Also, I think I found the 2-3 new images that I want Steve to add to the revised FF banner, so I'll forward the images to him and when he has the time he'll create a new banner. One day I will find the motivation to educate myself on banner making, so until then, this week especially, I'm learning the benefit of valuing friends who know what they're doing, and those in the know.

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