Friday, May 8, 2009

POTW - End of a quiet week

There is nothing new to report; it's been very quiet in the Fassy world this week. Hopefully it is the calm before the Cannes storm next week. But one girl did tell me that in preparation for the release of Inglorious Basterds and the posters that debuted this week of several of the film's stars, she wants to see a promo poster of Michael Fassbender with IG co-star August Diehl. I asked her who the heck is August Diehl and she said he was a 'Hotzi' (aka, a hot nazi in IG) and that he's hot and she wanted some Michael/August action. To those of you who are familiar with the world of slash, I need not explain any further, yes? LOL! I then did some research on Mr. Diehl, and I must say, I do understand her slashy excitement. Anyhoo, in my Google deep sea search earlier this week, I found this miniature teasing image of Michael that I have never seen before. Too bad it is very small, but I'm sure I'll find a larger one in due time. So, enjoy it for now because Michael is smiling and you know his beautiful smile is contagious!

ETA: The Cannes Film Festival schedule is out. Please click on the Cannes poster icon to your right to view the schedule. It appears that Fish Tank will premiere on May 14th, and Basterds will premiere on May 20th. I have no idea if Michael will a) attend Cannes, and b) attend the premieres of both films. Since their screenings are a week apart, I'm wondering how this will affect Michael's attendance. I'm hoping that if he has to choose between the two, that he goes there in support of Fish Tank as that is more HIS film, in oppose to him being part of a huge ensemble with Inglorious Basterds, and being ignored by the star power of Brad Pitt. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

The picture is from a interview with a canadian site. You can see it here:

Simone said...

Thanks a million for the link! I'll create a shortcut for easier linkage to it: