Sunday, May 17, 2009

A unique and interesting new Michael Interview at Cannes

Thanks to FF reader Sandra, she pointed out this fantastic Cannes interview with Michael. Apparently it was done on his first day of Fish Tank interviews as he's wearing that pale green shirt. I attached some select screen shots of the interview below, to see the interview, it's just over 4 minutes long, go to -,42845.php I really like this interview because they asked him questions that us fans would have asked him. I would love to interview him. I learned a bit more about him from this little quirky interview with a glass of vino and his beloved fag/cigarette. ;)
So that's why the film is called 'Fish Tank'.

In this moment, he was talking about his very first job. He was totally naked and wanted a sock very badly. You have to hear him explain it. LOL!

He would have loved to work with Marlon Brando if he were still alive. Next, he would like to work with Al Pacino. The man has got great taste in actors. No wonder he's so damn good himself.

He's filming Jonah Hex in New Orleans. Will go back there soon as he's done in Cannes.

It's hard trying to crop images from a live interview. The facial expressions only last a milli-second. You'll see what I mean when you look at this interview. Michael really comes across as sweet, funny, intelligent, and down to earth. I guess that's why I love the dude! Keep the emails coming people, I'm so happy that so many people are finding Fassinating Fassbender these days. xoxo

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