Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watch Red Road to prepare for Fish Tank

It was not my intention to write anything about viewing Andrea Arnold's 'Red Road' because I just rented it to watch over the holiday weekend and to test drive her film making style in preparation for 'Fish Tank'. And in light of Fish Tank winning an award at Cannes 2009, I am telling you, please, if you are able to and have not seen her 2006 Prix du Jury winner, and you Michael, for your own good, rent 'Red Road' asap so that you will go into seeing Fish Tank and not have your jaw drop.

I have seen hundreds if not nearly a thousand movies even a few X rated ones and many, many sexual situations in some of these movies. But tonight, when I saw the sex scene between Kate Dickie and Tony Curran, I stopped chewing my gum. It was in your face, sex, sex, sex, bang, bang, raw!!! Straight up! So, it just got me to wondering if Fish Tank will be the same thing, and if it is, or if it's just not as intense, be prepared to see Mr. Fassbender in ways you have yet to see him, doing stuff you've never seen him do, and then, desiring him to do the same thing to YOU.

I'm glad Andrea, as a woman, filmed this scene because the context leading up to it and the repercussions were suspenseful and shocking. Had a man directed this, we women would be up in arms in how unnecessarily explicit the scene was, but because Andrea did it, it gets a pass. I suck at reviewing films, all I focus on is just my reaction to a film and how much I hated it or enjoyed it. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars, and if you give a damn, you can friend me on my Netflix, and while you're there, do a search for Red Road to read more eloquent reviews. In closing, what I will say is that Andrea has major cajones and she filmed the scene and took into consideration that women who will watch it will enjoy looking at Tony. Soooooo, maybe she'll do the same thing in Fish Tank.

Let me know if you have seen Red Road so we can compare notes. And if you haven't yet, please rent it and then tell me what you thought of it.


Anonymous said...

Ohh we're getting into uncomfortable territory here for me. Have ordered up Red Road but it will be a while before I get to see it. Its a whole kalidescope of views I bring to films generally and those with Michael in especially: suspension of disbelief v ethical position, the female gaze v objectifying/lusting after Michael. Its difficult but one of the reasons I think he is so good as an actor is that he takes on these ambivalent roles. Read one review where the (female?) reviewer had to watch Fish Tank or parts of it through her fingers - I may well have to do the same.

Simone said...

I can understand how some people may cringe at some scenes in Fish Tank, but I'm firmly in the camp of 'Bring It!' I will watch with utter amazement and try not to blink even. I am so there!

Tina said...

Oh my! I have to go rent red road now!! I am in the cannot wait for Fish Tank camp!

Simone said...

Let me know your thoughts on Red Road asap Tina. I reckon you'll enjoy it.

Maura said...

Red Road is soft porn, I couldn't believe it when I happened across it on tv one night, if I had known more about it I wouldn't have watched it at all. I can't believe a woman made that film, she can't have any respect for women, what is the point of a film like that? Apparently there are disturbing scences in Fish Tank also and the girl who made it was only around 16 or 17 years of age when it was made. Morals don't mean much in filmmaking.

Simone said...

Hi Maura, thank you for your honest opinion. 'Red Road' is a strong film to watch, but I have seen more disturbing films made by men that have used women in extreme and unpleasant ways. The scene in question is explicit to say the least and that is why I wrote about it to inform Michael Fassbender fans of the film making style of Ms. Arnold and what to be prepared for.

Me personally, I know I'm mature and open minded enough to handle what I'll see in Fish Tank and I will think no less of Michael or Ms. Jarvis or the director.

Thanks again.

Maura said...

Dear Simone
Thank you. However my point is that boundaries are being blurred to the point that the films are disrespectful, I don't believe it is a question of being open-minded. I don't see the value of them.

Simone said...

I totally understand your point Maura. I'm now very curious about the boundaries that Andrea teases us with or crosses with Fish Tank as I would just be flabbergasted in a delightful way if Michael had to do what Tony Curran did in Red Road.

I know a cinephile who attended Cannes and saw Fish Tank but I haven't asked him anything specific about the film. I'll poke his brain and see if he could provide more light about the potential soft porn issue in FT.

BTW Maura, were you able to watch the entire film?

Maura said...

Hi Simone
I saw half of the film, story was good even without that scence.

Simone said...

Well if you can bring yourself to it, try to catch it again, at least the part you didn't watch - the other half after that scene because it answers a LOT of questions and there's resolution to her insanity. :)