Friday, May 29, 2009

Yeah, new fan images of Michael!

I just love Michael's arms! For such a thin guy, he has fantastic arms! Ok, anyway, I found this image of Michael and the director of Eden Lake, James Watkins on one of my late night killing time net surfing missions! This was taken by a fan who attended the 'Fright Fest 2008' and this is the only photo of Michael that was in the guy's Yahoo! Fickr photo set. Well, one is good enough especially since it's such a pleasant surprise. I reckon many of you Fassinators will be cropping the hell out of this photo. Open up the image, it's huge! You're welcome.
Ahhh, another gem find courtesy of Yahoo! Flickr. A fan caught Michael being interviewed in London at what I believe to be either BIFA (because the person also took pictures of other celebrities going into a theater), or this could be at the Hunger premiere in London. The photo was titled 'Michael Fassbender in London'. Either way, it's a great shot of Michael looking fine as usual answering some media questions. You're welcome.

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