Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting ready for Toronto

What's so funny Michael? A guy named Mario took this of Michael at Cannes.
He was so close.

A still from Hunger that I haven't seen captured before. I love Michael's chest. Very faint and fine chest hair, and just perfect formation. Very nice.

It's June now and the Toronto International Film Festival Preferred ticket packages have gone on sale just a week ago to its Patrons only. Luckily for moi, I have befriended a lovely lady over at Gold Derby (well, we've been exchanging pleasantries for about three years now) who is a Patron TIFF member (a person who donates lots of money), and she said that if Fish Tank is screened at TIFF, she will hook me up with a ticket! In fact, she has already set aside a few tickets for me. Praise da Lord! I don't have to have a seizure and migraine on single ticket sales day in an effort in trying to buy a ticket to see Fish Tank, IF it is screened there in September.

I was a hot mess on single ticket day last year when I tried to buy a 'Hunger' ticket. It's always like that year after year and this year won't be any different. If anything, it'll be more difficult. Regardless if it doesn't show there or not, I'm still going as I love TIFF and want to see other films there period. But with my employment situation being hijacked very soon, the money will be tight and it's comforting to know that someone has my back regarding TIFF. Life is stressful enough as it is, and I was already anticipating wringing my hands in how to be in top financial form when the packages go on sale for the regular folk on July 6th. The full film schedule won't be available until Aug 20th so only till then will I be uncertain about Fish Tank screening at TIFF. Are you going to TIFF, or are you waiting to see if Fish Tank will be there to assist in your decision making? TIFF is wonderful with or without Michael. It's our Cannes. :)

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Tina said...

oh thats awesome Simone! Ticket day is so stressful!! Well at least last year was. The year before I had no problems getting tickets for Angel. I got a flier in the mail from TIFF the other day.