Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Official: Fish Tank at TIFF09 - Vanguard Programme

Just a quick Breaking News update:

I just found out from the #Tiff09 Twitter that some select films announced to be screened at this year's Toronto International Film Festival will include Andrea Arnold's 'Fish Tank', starring none other than our gorgeous boy, Michael Fassbender!!! The film will be part of the Vanguard Programme*.

Fish Tank Andrea Arnold, United Kingdom North American Premiere - Andrea Arnold's assured follow-up to Red Road is a taboo-breaking love story about a violent teenaged girl transformed by desire for her mother's new boyfriend.

*Vanguard spotlights bold filmmakers that run ahead of the pack. This programme is dedicated to irreverent, stylistically playful films that challenge the boundaries of social discourse. Aimed toward adventurous audiences who delight in movies that push the envelopes of technology, culture and sexuality, these edgy films have a distinct, youthful feel. {Yeap, I reckon this about sums up Andrea's work}


Tina said...

yeah!! I htink that it is awsome that 3 years ina row now Michael has had a film here!

Simone said...

Yes, three years in a row, but I think this year will be his breakout year after coming off such a successful season promoting 'Hunger', and now 'Fish Tank' which has a lot of chatter surrounding it. Looks like I'll see you again in September. :p