Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just a few things

To go along with the new banner background color, I used the latest image I found late last week of Michael at the Inglourious Basterds Cannes interview event, as the new sidebar image; and I must say, it looks pretty damn good! I just LOVE it! It's brighter, he's grinning from ear and ear, and it's just such a cute picture. Yeah!!! Hope you like it, it will be here for the remainder of the year.

I have been anxiously awaiting follow up from two different people in regards to Fish Tank and Jonah Hex. I sent Cedric at Awards Daily a pm asking him some details about Fish Tank when he saw it at Cannes a few weeks back. I believe he's on holiday, so as soon as he is back on board, I'll stalk him a little bit to see if he can cough up some details about just how 'explicit' FT will be. Again, I'm like 'Bring it!', I cannot wait to see Fish Tank, I feel that I have been teased and taunted and I must see this movie soon!

Speaking of 'soon', according to Dictionary.com, soon means, "within a short period of time". Ok then, so, when the hell exactly does "Coming Soon" means in reference to the friggin' release date of 'Town Creek'? This is a Joel Schumacher production for cripe sakes! I was researching info about this movie the other day and I found a website that looked really authentic and informative, only to find out that it too did not have Clue 1 as to when this movie will be released, it just had in snazzy font 'Coming Soon'? Oh really? When bitch? They need to change it to 'Coming One Day, Hopefully'. From my understanding, Michael plays a really nasty, ugly, mean, secretive, nazi vampireish dude, and I really want to see this! I bet it will be saved for a Halloween release and IMO, that's not 'soon', it's LATER. Look, I'm just going to stop talking about it before I really get pissed.

Anyhoo, secondly, a nice guy twittered me at FassFass early last week to twit me that he recently worked with Michael on the set of Jonah Hex and he said that Michael is "an actor's actor", and that I should check out 'Hunger'. I'm like, hmmm, ok, been there done that, but, what's this about you working with him on Jonah Hex? Left me hanging on a sharp cliffhanger. I would like to know a bit more since he contacted moi, so if he responds back, groovy, if not, ok. Thanks anyway for confirming that Michael is a cool dude to work with.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has written in the Guestbook, posted in the comments section, or sent me an email thanking me for my daily Cannes coverage. I really, REALLY appreciate the feedback because it just motivates me to continue to strive to do the best for FF in providing not only viable information, but sharing great info about Michael with people who care about him just as much as I do. Maintaining Fassinating Fassbender would not be rewarding without you readers, so I love you guys just as much as you love FF. Thanks! xoxo

ETA 4:33pm EDT: After reading Kat's comment in the Guestbook, I adjusted the sidebar image to make it smaller so that the text would not run over onto the image. Also, it does depend on the size of the computer screen you are viewing from. I hope the modification helps you read the text better Kat. Thanks!

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