Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Banner

My friend Steve cooked up a new spring/summer time banner for Fassinating Fassbender and I'm so excited. Firstly, I wanted a brighter banner so that it would be the most outstanding thing visitors would see upon visiting FF. Secondly, I believe this shade is in the family of aqua blue colors that Michael seems to fancy, so it's in homage to him. And thirdly, due to the fantastic images from Cannes, it was difficult trying to find which three pictures to use, but I think I captured three images that represent who Michael Fassbender is during those crazy two weeks at Cannes.

The first is a photo by Antoine Doyen. Full frontal face, no smiling, just looking into the camera, and voila, it's Michael. What you see is what you get. Looks like a sexy drivers license photo. A fine gentleman just looking at you. The second image is my favorite of Michael on the Cannes red carpet for Fish Tank. His eyes are in a 'Stand Attention' state, he's on the red carpet of a major film premiere and all eyes are on him, and his eyes are in focus and he exudes confidence. And the third is just so damn cute. This was taken during the Inglourious Basterds photo call and I'm sure Michael is exhausted, but still awe struck and happy to be there. His gentle smile and the crinkling of his face, along with the sun shining upon him in a soft angle just made me love this image of Michael. Of all three of these, the third is the most REAL of Michael. Do you agree?

I'm going to change the image on the left sidebar also, just trying to find the right one, and I want one from one of the movies that is coming up. The man has four films in the basket that we'll see in the next 12 months, but yet it's like finding a needle in a haystack in searching for stock photos from the set or him in character. I'm desperate for a sexy Fish Tank image, but I'll accept anything at the moment. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Don't know about the most real - they are 3 very different photos but the 3rd one is my current all time fav. When you added it to FF earlier in the week I immediately saved it as wallpaper - gorgeous.

Simone said...

I got the 3rd one up at FassFass, just gorgeous - an obvious fave of many. And have you noticed that his eyes look different in all three banner images? Michael has 'mood eyes'.