Friday, June 26, 2009

POTW: First Look at Michael as a villain in Jonah Hex

Finally, here is photographic evidence of Michael Fassbender in his role as 'Burke' a villain in the Jonah Hex film, slated to open in 2010. We have seen, read, and heard loads about that girl who is starring in said film, but nothing about Michael until now. Hell, there's nothing on him at IMDB under Jonah Hex about his character, so I'm thankful to this guy at Get the Big Picture blog, whose brother Sean, the gentleman standing next to Michael, is also starring in this film. As per the date stamp on the photo, it was taken just a couple weeks ago, but I also learned just last week that filming wrapped up already. Either Michael works fast and hard and got his part done quickly, or his role is a fun small supporting character. That's cool with me because I'm trying to get into this Jonah Hex thing but I can't yet. I'll see it for sure because of Michael, but other than that, I'm a tad bit more interested in learning about his own headlining works if you catch my drift.

Here is what is posted at the blog where the photo has been found:

The next DC Comics movie adaptation won't be in theaters for a while. Jonah Hex arrives in August 2010, starring Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, and Megan Fox, who recently admitted she only worked on the film for about a week, so don't expect too much from her.
We've seen pictures of Fox and Brolin on set and in character, and now we're getting our first look at
Michael Fassbender.

Probably best known for his work in Band of Brothers or as Stelios in 300, Fassbender has caught the attention of Tarantino (he's in Inglourious Basterds) and Neil Marshall of The Descent fame (Centurion). He's also great in Hunger, by the way. Fassbender plays the villainous Burke in the film, the main henchman for John Malkovich's character, Turnbull. The guy on the right is my brother, Sean, who plays The Preacher in Jonah Hex, so thanks to Sean for sending in the pic.

Great photo of Michael and his ink, and great information about his role in the film. Perfect for the usual Friday, POTW. I would have been more on top of this had I not removed myself from the internet last night due to the deaths of two people who had a profound impact on my childhood.

Yesterday marked the passing of Farrah Fawcett, a beautiful woman who is the same age as my mother, and someone whom I watched on TV and hoped I would grow up to become. She was more intelligent than people gave her credit for, and a very good actress in roles that challenged her, and just a beautiful woman. I was so intrigued about Farrah and her being married to the $ix Million Dollar Man, that as a wee 10 year-old girl, when I went to the grocery store with my mother, I would read the gossip magazines of the 70s that had her on the cover. I think by reading that cool crap, it planted the 'Blogger' seed in my young brain and that's why I'm addicted to celebrity gossip & lifestyles and love to write to this very day. It's because of Farrah Fawcett, the original FF, that FF exists!! LOL! She died of cancer, a disease that I have a personal vendetta against as it took my sister away just last summer. Rest in Peace Farrah.

But the surprising and sudden death of Michael Jackson yesterday blew me away. I did not see this coming. I grew up with Michael as he was just 8 years older than me. I may not have ever been a massive Michael Jackson fan, but I appreciated what he gave to the music world and I respected his awe inspiring talent. In the past decade, sagas of his private life made me look at him differently, and I even threw away some of his CDs I had in protest. But upon closer inspection, as brilliant an entertainer Michael was, he was a very sad and tragic human being. Someone I just felt sorry for more than I could ever dislike. I guess at the end of the day, my simple respect for how talented and creative he was made me overlook all his eccentricities and dramas. In Michael Jackson's passing, we the world over have seen the one human being who has lived on this planet, in our life times, die, and no matter what you thought about him, whether you loved him or hated him, you know he has died, and you are thinking about him at least for 5 seconds. I doubt any other human being will have that effect on mankind again. Michael, with all his flaws, was indeed, that special.

Finally, rest in peace Michael Jackson, you deserve it.


Anonymous said...

I think he has been filming since april. At Cannes he said that he was going back to the "Jonah Hex" - set, implying he had come from the set to Cannes. The role is probably not that big but I don't think it is just a cameo either.

Simone said...

Thanks. No, I didn't think it was a cameo, but his filming of this role seemed really quick. Anyway, I like it when Michael plays villains, and being a backup guy to John Malkovich, this is going to be fun to watch.