Friday, June 12, 2009


Photo by Gilles Petipas
Beautiful eyes, lovely background, and those damn cigarettes. He's a Marlboro Man. Those are the least lung friendly cigarettes on the planet. Bad Fassy! ;)

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly find another photo of Michael from Cannes, the Fassy Gods guide me in the right direction, and just in time for Friday's Photo of the Week!

I bumped up the 'Hot Guys - Michael Fassbender' thread at Gossip Rocks today. The dizzy females there are still oblivious to Fassy, and I bumped up the thread at the Empire forums too, and it come days after someone dissed Michael's performance in 'Eden Lake'. Well, the film is not everyone's cup of tea.

Don't have much to report today, just enjoy the new photo I found, and click that baby open, it's HUGE!


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