Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here's just one more bit from Michael's appearance at Comic Con this weekend. This is more about Michael's character, Burke, in Jonah Hex.

Fassbender explained his role in the film. “Well, I play John Malkovich’s right hand man, Burke. I guess he’s just sort of a child in a candy store, because he has this environment where he can basically do whatever he wants, which is mainly killing and creating mayhem. I think he’s a mercenary. He’s pretty self-centered in terms of doing anything that he thinks will propel himself forward. He doesn’t have any cause that he’s fighting for, and he’s pretty twisted.”

Brolin discussed Fassbender’s work and what he brought to the film. “The role was not flushed out in the writing, and what he brought to the part was this idea of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and that kind of thing. You know, you see it in the teaser, and to me it’s the greatest moment in that. This is more obvious. You see the head come up, me as Jonah, Megan and then everybody goes, ‘Wow.’ Then you have the silence in the middle of the teaser with Michael’s character spinning his hat in total silence, just whistling and pointing that thing and everybody reacted to that great character moment. I think it will be a resounding character for everyone.”

Sounds like Michael's character is an awesome villain!

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