Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Final Comic Con post

I'm the man!

I found unwatermarked Comic Con Jonah Hex panel photos this afternoon, and I found one image from the Fish Tank Cannes panel that I may have overlooked before. Click on this link to see all the Comic Con unwatermarked photos.

Going into the month of August, I will be EXTREMELY busy as I am right now in the process of obtaining a couple of part-time jobs, which combined, the hours will have me working nearly around the clock. That's good for my wallet, but not so good for free time to play with Fassinating Fassbender. But don't fret, I will still be able to update it (either very early or very late in the day), however, I just may not be as on top of getting images and info to you all as quickly as I have, especially as of late. But just keep checking back daily to see what's up. Also, please feel free to email me or drop me a message via twitter if you want to get a note to me. I need to work a lot of hours to make up for the massive clusterfuck that is known as Michigan's unemployment insurance "benefits" and the sooner I correct that shit, the happier I'll be.

Re: tiff, I have made a hotel booking already for Sept 11th and 12th to just be on top of preparation planning to attend the festival. But only until the film schedule is released on August 20th, I won't know anything for sure about when Fish Tank will screen. I'm just presuming and hoping it will be that first weekend, if not, I will have to revise my plans to be there later in the week, if need be.

Michael was not at the Berlin Inglourious Basterds premiere today. Keep your eyes on the FassFass twitter for quick updates that are too brief for a full FF article.

Ok? Okey-dokey!

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