Sunday, July 19, 2009

A glorious week of Michael is ahead

Why am I making a Sunday morning post? I dunno. I found this Inglourious Basterds image last night, so I put it up on the FassFass twitter. I also found at Reximages a new but tiny Archie Hicox/Fassbender image to your right. The thing I dislike about reximages is that they are just plain ole stingy basterds when it comes to their photos. You have to be a "professional" in order to register, and then donate a blood sample, and give your shoe size before they will give you a password so that you can view a slightly larger 'preview' of the minature thumbnails they have up on their website. Needless to say, I much prefer Getty Images and Wireimage, they aren't so anal about people viewing their pictures, if one doesn't mind the watermarks. So, I captured the damn itty bitty picture of Michael as Archie in a still from the movie I have yet to see, so, for what it's worth, it serves its purpose here and now.

Anyhoo, sadly, no pictures from Michael's Galway Masterclass have been released, but, there is an audio interview with Michael, so give it a listen when you have a moment.

Lastly, my tiff plans are forming nicely. Even though I've been laid off, my spirits are doing ok and that's mostly due to the kindness of a dear friend in Toronto. I also had a second interview with a cool part-time gig on Saturday, but I won't know anything until Monday (cross fingers). I still don't know if I'm going to drive to tiff or not as my drive to Toronto two weeks ago went very well (only a 5 hour drive), I so want to take the train as it's such a fun and relaxing ride, but in these dire and harrowing economic times, I could save a most precious $200 by driving my ass there. Shamelessly, I am accepting "Destination: tiff" donations in an effort to raise funds for my tiff trip via my paypal link near the bottom of my sidebar if anyone is so inclined. Thanks a million in advance.


Elena and Olga said...

Rexfeatures it's very snobbish company indeed, we're "prefessional", working published, but registration messages have been ignored, even a shoe size didn't work;)) We very much like Michael's photoshoot from october 2008 (you know, this one, where he wears blue-green Tshirt and jeans), it's soo cool! But can't find it nowhere...
We wish you the best-better:))

Simone said...

Rexfeatures is just stupid and rude. LOL! I know the Michael photoshoot you speak of and it's just too bad that they are the only ones with larger images.

Elena and Olga, thank you so very much for your 'Destination: tiff' donation. I appreciate it so much! ♥ ♥

Elena and Olga said...

We did it with love and joy:))

Anonymous said...

what does "fassbender" mean?

barrel something...
"more barrels"? I think...

Anonymous said...

it's me again.
I figured it out with the help of my German mother,
his name means "Barrel Maker",
the english equivalent is "Cooper", meaning literally bending the metal around circular wooden barrels that hold say....water, wine...guinness. Ha ha.
In old English, a "Coop" meant a barrel, a German, "Fass". "Bender" is similar to english, meaning "maker" or literally, bender involving bending of iron to reinforce containment.
Anyway, thought that was fun.
Watch your blog.

be good,

Anonymous said...

oh shite, it's me again.
forgot some bits.

Did you know his father is a construction guru in Ireland?
Fassbender cranes used in Irish construction of buildings is common in Southern Ireland.
A good friend of mine, a brilliant Irish artist, Alex Rose, said his female friend went to school with him in Killarney...said he was a good ol', basic irish dude: freckles, fire red hair, loved to drink, boisterous, have fun. These Irish friends were wondering why I was so fascinated by him cus he was just a "good ol' basic irish lad".


Simone said...

Hi Killer Luka,

thanks for the reminder about the meaning of 'Fassbender'. If you're interested, please check out the FF blog about the Ryan Tubridy show that Michael appeared on back in February. There's a link to Ryan's show and Michael explained briefly about his surname. Very interesting.

I don't know much about his father as I have my own personal limits in prying too deeply into his personal/family life, but I've never heard about his father being in the construction business. His parents, in fact, own a restaurant business in Killarney, they have been in this most of their lives.

Thanks for the info about his youth and school days. He had fire red hair back in the day? And where did his freckles go? LOL! He has some ginger DNA, that's for damn sure, but it's not dominant as in most very fair red haired Irish folk. Don't forget, he's 50% German too. ;)

Elena and Olga said...

Simone, bravo!:))

Tina said...

The only thing about driving Simone is where are you staying? Are you going to have to pay for parking?

Simone said...

Tina, if I drive, I will most likely stay at the Alexandra Hotel or its sister hotel, the Grange Hotel. I stayed there in 2004 and it was fine for a budget traveller. A little out of the way for non-walker types, but parking was affordable and safe. A straight shot back onto Spadina Ave so I can get on Gardiner Hwy back home.

However, ideally, if I go the posh lazy route, I will take the train and stay at the Days Inn uptown, or at the hotel where we met Viggo in the lobby. My travel agent hooks me up with a train/hotel package for tiff that runs around $400 for two nights at several hotels.

Lets get our ducks in a row just as soon as we know the film schedule. It never fails, every friggin' year, I am on pins and needles hoping my films are screened the first weekend. The tiff planners realize this and try to have the hottest films debut the first 3 nights. But I have missed some great films that were shown after Tuesday.

Simone said...

GQ online has all of Michael's magazine photo shoot up now in a slideshow, and they included a 7th image that was NOT in the magazine. The hell? Don't they know they just can't be half assing with us Fassinators?

Scans are good for a quick fix, but ya'll need to actually buy this magazine or enjoy the clearer digital images of these photos.

Note I didn't waste any time in putting up The Favorite on the main page left sidebar, and it will remain there until ya'll beg me to change it.

Deal. :p

Anonymous said...

Have been away for about 12 days on the west coast of Ireland. I was about 70 miles from Galway on the 11th July when Michael was there - probably about as close as I'll ever get to him lol. Amazed at how much reading I have to catch up on in FF - still haven't managed it. But feel deprived - over this side of the pond we have Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno in August GQ - and as far as I can tell no sign of Michael at all.

Simone said...

Welcome back Anon!

The GQ in question is the issue AFTER the Sacha Baron Cohen one, so be on the lookout for it.

Oh, and it appears that Michael did not attend the London premiere of IB this afternoon.