Friday, July 24, 2009

Michael at Comic Con

Just adding five more Getty Images of Michael, Josh, and Megan.
About one of Michael's villainous scenes: There's a fantastic shot of Michael Fassbender sitting on a train track with a dynamite plunger in a long, quiet scene where he whistles, waiting for the train. (Fassbender explained in the panel that his character came a lot from Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" and it's very easy to see on-screen).
Damn watermark messing up part of Michael's face. But, we see some delicious tummy.
Megan Fox is a pretty lady, but she needs sooooooo much makeup in order to look just a gorge as Michael naturally is. 'Tis a shame. *smirk*

No wonder he didn't make it to the IB premiere in London yesterday, he's at the geek festival in LA promoting Jonah Hex! I just found out per this twit a few moments ago:

ones2watch4 Michael Fassbender, Megan Fox and Josh Brolin are on stage!! 27 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

Fun play-by-play just posted about the Jonah Hex panel from Cinemablend:

11:52 Jonah Hex trailer features no less than two shots of Josh Brolin and Megan Fox having sex. Now Michael Fassbender, Megan Fox and Josh Brolin are taking the stage. Poor Michael Fassbender-- the real film geeks in here know who you are!

11:55 "Fuckin' A, right?" Josh Brolin asks the audience. Megan Fox drops an F-bomb too. This is the most badass panel of Comic Con so far.

11:56 Brolin says Jonah Hex is like Bram from The Goonies, but later. I love this man.

11:57 Michael Fassbender says he should have actually killed Megan Fox. I think he just lost the fanboy vote.

12:03 A guy gets halfway through asking Megan Fox a question about sex tapes before getting kicked out. What is with geeks and Megan Fox? If I were her, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to go up there.

12:05 "If you want to smack me or beat my ass, do it." Straight from Megan Fox's mouth, I promise. It's in the context of a fight scene with Michael Fassbender, but still. Look for that as a top google term.

12:08 After the 10th fanboy stands up and compliments Megan Fox's beauty, Michael Fassbender sitting next to her just giggle. I love this guy.


Anonymous said...

saw the video on you tube, Michael comes across as being a bit arrogant, didn't look like the actors got on at all

Simone said...

I haven't seen it yet so I'll check it out and comment later. But I think some people may misinterpret Michael's sense of humor and/or bluntness as arrogance. I find his matter of speech quite refreshing really.

Anonymous said...

Where is his speech?

Simone said...

I just updated FF with a youtube clip of the Jonah Hex panel. Michael didn't say much. Is there another clip with him exclusively?

Anonymous said...

I didn't see a clip of Michael talking alot but what was the laugh/snigger re Megan Fox about? I think Megan Fox is beautiful comment was a bit catty on the blog. I'm sure as Michael appears in more films he'll stop being cropped out of things.

Simone said...

The woman is ridiculous. Conceited and in love with herself. From what I hear about Michael, he gets on well with everyone and seems to be the consumate professional all the time. The way MF carries on with herself, surely you must understand why Michael would giggle at her.

A lot of people at ONTD do know about Michael, but the person who created that entry was obviously in the minority and was more focused on MF. From what I have learned, she was only on set for a week, but yet, from the pre-promo, you think she was there the entire time and is the star of the film. I just hope her scenes are short in the movie.

karim said...

I agree with you, Simone. To say that he was arrogant from that little clip where you hardly see him at all is absurd.

I don't think his giggle was directed at Megan Fox. I think it was just a involuntary giggle directed at the ridicules fanboy fawning that was going on.

Anonymous said...

Why did Megan keep calling him Fassbender and not by his first name then? She did it more than once in interviews.

Simone said...

Glad you agree Karim. Thx! Like I mentioned before, I'm sure all three felt a little uncomfortable with that audience.

Anon, I don't know why Megan would just refer to Michael by his last name, it seems odd and too formal. As we all know, he has had the piss taken out on him about his last name, so maybe she was doing the same thing.

Told you, she's not a brain surgeon. A very silly and vain girl she is.

karim said...

Megan and Michael probably don't know each other that well. I don't think they had many scenes together. Maybe she feels she doesn't know him well enough to call him Michael.

Simone said...

No, I don't think that's the case Karim. After working with someone as cool, sweet, funny, and gorgeous as Michael Fassbender... you call him Michael.

I don't care if Michael and Megan are friendly or not; the more he distances himself from her, the happier I am.

I would hope that Michael and Josh are very friendly as I love Josh Brolin. He's a great actor and I love his wife, Diane Lane.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to support one actor at the expense of another. Michael's turn will come as a big star in a film and will get all the exposure he needs then.