Monday, July 13, 2009

Ok Galway Fleadh, now what? {edited}

Although I had a very busy weekend, out and about, it was on the back of my mind about how was Michael Fassbender's Masterclass programme at the Galway Film Fleadh coming along. The class was on Saturday, and the screening of Fish Tank took place on Sunday. But yet, there is still no new word or images from the weekend. I'm hopeful some will pop up today at the Facebook of The Galway Film Fleadh as per their message from Sunday: Galway Film Fleadh Where did the weekend go? Sunday already - we'll get some photographs up soon!
Yesterday at 8:36am

And proving useful as always, on Twitter, I found these two messages lately about Michael at Galway. This first one was posted this morning:

EilCon Went to a masterclass with Michael Fassbender over the weekend. Absolutely brilliant, what a legend! about 2 hours ago from web

**ETA: Here is an update as EilCon replied back to me when I asked her via FassFass Twitter what was the Masterclass with Michael like. Here's what she said:

EilCon@FassFass It was great. He was so genuine and down to earth. Really inspiring from a struggling actors point of view!I think it's excellent she refers to Michael as a legend. He must be such an inspiration to young Irish actors who want a progressive and impressive work history like Michael's. I just can't wait to read actual reports. Maybe EilCon will write more about the masterclass, but it seems that twitters who twit about Michael Fassbender, become very shy when you post an inquiry back to them. Hmmmm.

And this was posted on Sunday:

PaulNeilan Met Michael Fassbender on a fast bender with his entourage in Galway
1 day ago from web

This guy's comment made me giggle... Fassy has an "entourage"? That is so cool! Well, I didn't expect him to just be walking about all his own, but an entourage in general comprises of AT LEAST half a dozen minders and muscle and I just think it rocks that our boy has a team on his side already. Cool! Based on the time Paul's twit was posted, it was around 9:30 am EST, so that would have been around 3:30 GMT, and I think Fish Tank was screened Sunday afternoon in the final day of the Fleadh.

So there you have it, a little update, but a fun one with some intriguing little info. I'll update FF again just as soon as I find something more concrete about Michael at Galway this weekend.


Elena and Olga said...

Oh, Simone, it’s so glad to see Michael in the role of Hermann!))) We love him very much for that “down to earth”, it makes him “the only one”…

Simone said...

It is wonderful hearing from actual accounts that Michael is a sweetheart and very down to earth. So many actors that are at his career point in their life start to get arrogant and silly.

Not Michael.

Elena and Olga said...

Absolutely agreed. And this important to all of us, cause we're in "the same plate";))