Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy Friday! Cheers! I'm getting lazy, need to do more snooping and better researching.
Here is a less obnoxious watermarked image of the one above - a much better view of his, open shirt. Yes.
Michael attended the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest 2009 - In Ischia, Italy on
07/14/2009 -
Psst, he wasn't alone. Ahem ;) But trust, it's all good! :DHere's a candid photo of Michael seen at the bottom right corner, enjoying a concert at the festival this week.


Elena and Olga said...

We knows with who Michael have been - F**K,F**K, Damn - but what do mean by "it's ALL good"? Oh, we wants to trust you sooo much...

Simone said...

Elena and Olga, I realize some people don't like Michael being with Leasi or having a girlfriend period. But I really don't have an issue with them being together, in fact, I like it. When I saw her with him, I just giggled and said, 'Ok, that's cool'. I don't think it's serious and they aren't going to get married.

It's good that he's being seen with her and not a slew of different women. Michael could have almost any woman on this planet. He has Inglourious Basterds to promote, as well as to promote himself. The London premiere of IB will be on July 23rd, don't be surprise to see her with him.

Elena and Olga said...

Simone, we understand everything)) And very grateful to you:))

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