Friday, July 31, 2009

Quote of the Week

Instead of a photo of the week, how about a quote of the week? But the quote isn't from Michael Fassbender, it is from his co-star Josh Brolin while he was at Comic Con last weekend.

The thing I like about this comment from Josh about Michael is that it is genuine, warm hearted, and extremely respectful. Josh didn't have to say a darn thing positive about Michael, he could have just soak up all the attention the nerds were pushing onto him, but instead, he knew that most of the CC geeks didn't know who Michael was so they didn't rush him for autographs or pictures. I'm sure Michael was cool with the whole thing because at the end of the day, he got fantastic exposure from the event, and we got lots of nice photos.

On a personal side note, although I'm glad that Michael was at Comic Con, I'm sorry that he wasn't as appreciated as he deserves to be. I know I'm biased as I write for FF, but the people who went into CC not knowing who Michael is, I hope that when Basterds come out and they see him in other stuff, they will reflect back on seeing him at CC and regret not being knowledgeable about him in the beginning. I know that a lot of geeks knew of him because of '300', but the overwhelming majority did not, and that's unfortunate, but his popularity will be a different story this time next year. /end mini rant

Here's what Josh Brolin and a few other people who worked on Jonah Hex said about Michael:

Fassbender’s costars sang his praises too. “What Michael has done, I love that nobody really knows,” said Josh Brolin. “It’s like, ‘Ladies and gentleman, please come for a signing with Megan Fox and Josh Brolin, [whispers] Michael Fassbender,’ Nobody knows Michael yet. It's hilarious because we know and we know what you don't know yet. I don't know if anybody saw Hunger, it’s this very little film that not a lot of people saw, he's in Inglourious Basterds and it's not about the fucking resume per se, but it's about what he did with the role. The role was not fleshed out in the writing and what he brought to the role, this idea that he talks about of A Clockwork Orange, you see it in the teaser and to me it's the greatest moment of the teaser. This is more obvious. You see the head come up and me and Jonah and the Megan, everybody goes wow. Then you have the silence in the middle of the teaser with Michael's character spinning his hat and total silence and him just whistling and pointing that thing. Everybody reacted to that great character moment, I think it will be a resounding character for everyone for sure.”

Producer Andrew Lazar also touted how Fassbender complements Malkovich. “It was also because Malkovich’s character, Turnbull, is so rooted in the Civil War. Jonah has a backstory that’s related. So the idea of having someone that was Irish, that actually wasn’t invested in anything, that these two guys were that juxtaposition was really exciting for us, somebody that didn’t care. They weren’t rooted in this heavy backstory because they were just out for themselves.”

Director Jimmy Hayward also joined in, “He brought a detailed and humorous sensibility to a character that could’ve been simple and flat. It’s in the details.”

Then when it got too kiss uppy, Brolin brought it back down to reality. “Then I had a friend of mine that saw some dailies, didn't feel Michael did a very good Irish accent and he's from Ireland, which I love,” Brolin said.

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