Monday, August 24, 2009

Basterds Open at #1 with $38.1 Million

I wanted to wait until later in the day this Monday to create a new post as I needed the most accurate weekend Box Office numbers, and according to Box Office Mojo, Inglourious Basterds is #1 with $38.1 million, making it Quentin Tarantino's best opening film evah! Here's a bit of what they have to say about Inglourious Basterds:

Storming approximately 4,400 screens at 3,165 sites, Inglourious Basterds ground out $38.1 million, ranking as the highest-grossing opening ever for a movie released in the second half of August (and 11th for the month as a whole). More importantly, among World War 2-themed pictures, only Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan had greater initial attendance, and Basterds more than quadrupled the debut of recent release, Defiance, and exceeded Valkyrie's first three days by 58 percent. Basterds also set a new high for writer-director Quentin Tarantino, surpassing the start of Kill Bill Vol. 2 ($25.1 million) and more than tripling the debut of his last movie, box office disappointment Grindhouse.

Cool! As I posted in the previous thread's comments, I briefly gave my opinion of Basterds and I still stand on record that it was an excellent film! I was greatly entertained by it and left the theater an even stronger and prouder Michael Fassbender fan... and I left appreciating the talents of Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent, and Til Schweiger.

It's also wonderful to see such high scores for Basterds on the FF poll, with the overwhelming majority giving Inglourious Basterds a 4 or 5 score. This movie I highly recommend viewing in a theater, if not just to gaze at Michael, but for the theater scene itself. Absolutely mesmerizing, the cinematography and editing of that scene is deserving of an Oscar nomination itself. It is a brutally bloody movie, and I had winced a few times, and even was a sissy during one particular scene when I just had to look away, albeit very briefly. But I also had some hearty laughs at the funny moments in Basterds. I sat with a good audience too, that makes it more fun.

Commence spoiler rant ==> I hate it when Michael's character dies in a movie!! He was the first basterd to die in IB. And the look on his face when that Nazi bitch held that Walter to his private parts, Michael looked as if this was all real and he really was going to loose his manhood and was about to cry. I was annoyed because I was really empathizing with him; he's too good at his job. LOL! But I felt Lt. Archie Hicox's horror and he tried to be all suave about it, but it was all in vain. Anyway, Michael died in Eden Lake, Hunger, Angel, 300, Devil's Whore, and other movies/tv shows I can't think of or haven't seen yet. I'm tired of this. I want him to end a dang high profile film with a smile, dancing through a field of tulips, and sipping champagne for once. Damn.
/end spoiler rant

Ahem. Anyway, tomorrow morning, August 25th is TIFF Xmas Day!!! Well, really, it's just the release of the Official Film SCHEDULE. Last week was dramatic as the film LIST was released and for a while there, it appeared that Fish Tank was dropped from the Tiff schedule this year. But it's all good now. So, just as soon as I find out exactly the DATE that Fish Tank is playing at tiff, my plans will strictly revolve around seeing that film. I want to see about a dozen other films, but time and money just ain't going to allow that to happen. I need to win a scratch off lottery with winnings of at least $1,000 in order to do so. But I'll try to see what I can in the 2-3 days I'll be there. I have a very busy day tomorrow so I won't be able to get online if just for a moment to let ya'll know my plans because I have to be decisive on the dime in order to let my tiff partner in Toronto know the films I want to see, and he'll put my order in for me. He is my angel friend.

That's just about it for now, but I do want to bring to your attention that I will post two other images up at FassFass in a few minutes, and I would like to direct you to this excellent and revealing Michael interview that was done a few weeks ago. Try as I might, I search for new interviews and things on Michael almost daily, but like today, I find something that was posted online a couple weeks back. Go figure.

Ich Bin Ein Kerry Man, is a cool interview from 9 August that gives us more wonderful info about his upbringing, and they even reveal the London suburb that he lives in. Shhhhh. Don't go stalking the man, that ain't cool! LOL!

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