Friday, August 7, 2009

A new clip of Fish Tank

At the Fassbender Friendly blog 'In Contention', one of the critics there posted an update about Fish Tank and his experience in seeing this film at the Edinburgh Film Festival last month. Guy Lodge loves the film, and if he gives it a thumbs up, you know we're in for a real treat.

In the new clip of the film, we see a bit more sinister intrigue going on between Michael's character Connor, and Katie Jarvis' young character. Oh, and we see Michael in serious seduction mode and shirtless! Man, I cannot wait to see this in Toronto in just four short weeks.

The release date of September 11th is for the UK. It is unclear when Fish Tank will be released in the States, that's why it's muy importante for me to go to Canada to see it during Sept 10-19.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Simone. Have confirmed that Fish Tank is coming to the local (only)art-house in September.
Now can't wait - getting a real familiar Red Road vibe of this clip.

I posted at one point that (one of) my favourite bits of Michael was his pecs - might have to be revised once I see Fish Tank - arms still look good though.

But as I said before I'm avoiding indulging my lust factor on this one and viewing Michael as an actor and gonna try real hard not to objectify him or the character of Connor. Please god, Andrea Arnold & self control that its possible.

Simone said...

Oh that's excellent that it will be playing near you. I personally don't think it will get much US screen time outside of LA and NY, maybe Chicago, so all bets are on for me to see it in Toronto.

For such a slim guy, Michael does have really formed arms/pecs. I doubt we'll see any frontal nudity of him ala Red Road, but, I'll be sure to have my eyes very wide open. ;)