Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Michael on Tiff Guest List

As my final update today about Fish Tank at Tiff 2009, as per this most accurate guest list, Andrea Arnold, the director of Fish Tank is on the guest list, but Michael is not listed, nor are any of his other co-stars. Could he be added on later? Possibly. But since he's the most well known of the actors and this guest list is pretty much set in stone as today is the due date, I'm surprised that he's not listed at the same time along with Andrea, especially in light of the screw up earlier today. The guest list is quite impressive and I have a gut feeling that if an actor knows that he/she cannot attend, they have made that decision by press time and their name will not be on the list.

Additionally, Fish Tank is listed again as a Vanguard Programme on the tiff site. Truth be told, I love Michael Fassbender dearly, as much as a sane and respectable fan can love a celebrity, but the man does not have to be in Toronto. I know he's busy, VERY busy, and if his schedule does not allow him to be there, or if he chose not to be there for personal reasons, then I accept that. Bottom line, I want to see the movie, period. I have met Michael, and I will meet him again one day - but I don't need to see him, but I WANT to see his films.

So, this news may cause some problems for some Fassinators to continue on with their plans to attend tiff, but I hope not. Chances are slim that we'll see Fish Tank anytime soon in the States, so going to Toronto if for just one day to see one movie featuring the hottest and most fassinating young up and coming actor these days is well worth the trip.

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