Monday, August 10, 2009

A Small Sample of Michael at Basterds LA Premiere

Found another one. Are those Ray Ban sunglasses he is wearing?
A thousand bows to Karim for directing me to these Contactmusic red carpet photos of Michael. See, I need ya'lls help. Many hands make light work. I need backup eyes here at FF! xoxo

Michael as a Sexy Basterd at the LA Inglourious Basterds premiere.
Michael as a Beautiful Basterd trying to hide his cigarette at the LA premiere.

Before I go to bed, here is just one picture from Getty Images of Michael in the Basterds group photo. He's in Blues Brother mode, but it's him and beggars can't be choosers as the clock approaches midnight here in the Mid-West.

I will promptly update FF in the morning before I go to work with whatever images I can find, and surely over the following days, better and unwatermarked images will be prevalent.

ETA (Tuesday 6:40am): Ok, it's Tuesday morning, and I only found these two hot premiere photos of Michael. Two? They are gorgeous aren't they, but I want more danggit! But, since I am getting ready for work and don't have a whole lot of time to search for new photos, I'm going to pretend to be content for the moment. When I get home this afternoon, I'll resume the search.


Anonymous said...

Very Daniel Day Lewis in photo 1. In photo 2 do we think that is Ms Andrews with her back turned? How could she?

Simone said...

Yes, I'm sure that's Leasi sitting next to him. I just can't believe there aren't anymore photos of him via Getty or Wireimage. This is a travesty... or I'm just too tired to look further at the moment.

karim said...

A couple more pics here:

and here:

Simone said...

Thank you Karim ♥!!! x100

Anonymous said...

omg Karim they're lovely thank you.

That sure doesn't look like a World War One haircut...maybe no Birdsong?

Simone said...

I feel as if I need to work for MI 5 in order to find out what's up with Birdsong and Creek (or whatever it's called).

Simone said...

Crazy Days & Nights wrote a similar comment to mine about Michael in the 'trying to hide the cigarette' photo. And a lot of regular readers there were so happy that Ent finally wrote about Michael. His blog is VERY popular and for him to have an image of Michael in one of his blog posts is HUGE!

Also, mind the critical comments there about people concerned about his smoking. Some are judgmental, but I'm not. Michael will quit when he's ready, and while he continues to smoke, I'll gently and lovingly tease him about it.