Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something's fishy

'Om' is a Buddhist mantra one chants while meditating to chill out and relax. I've said it a few times in the past few hours while offline. Thankfully, I come back to some encouraging comments, and I see on several links, that Fish Tank is still slated to be screened at TIFF 09. I will accept this along with information that Cameron Bailey, per twitter, said that Fish Tank is still on. Why was ALL evidence of Fish Tank removed from the tiff website, I do not know. But I am very pleased that apparently we can still see Fish Tank in Toronto.

The website IndieWire has Fish Tank listed but still nothing at the tiff website.

I know a lot of us were upset earlier today, and I would not have rang the alarm bells if Fish Tank wasn't to be found on the tiff website, and to boot, none of the Fish Tank stars were listed on the eagerly awaited Guest List - a list that many tiff fans use as a bible to decide if they will stalk tiff or not. Two powerful coincidences that alarmed this long time tiff patron.

I also realize that not everyone would have gone to Toronto had Fish Tank not been playing there, and that's perfectly understandable. But however disappointing that would have been, I still planned on going as I love tiff and Toronto so dearly, and have a huge interest in at least a dozen other films besides Fish Tank.

So for now, all is good in Fassyland, and we can resume awaiting the official film schedule which will be released around 10am EST on Tuesday, August 25th.

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