Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy One Year Anniversary Fassinating Fassbender!

Today marks one year since Fassinating Fassbender was created. As you may recall the very first blog entry here at FF, I started writing on this beloved hobby of mine just a couple days after having the pleasure of meeting Michael Fassbender at TIFF 08! When I took on this project, I knew in my heart that I was in this for the long run. I knew it would be hard building it up, getting visitors to keep coming back, and establishing regular posters.

Let's face it, Michael is still a rising star, so it has been rough trying to keep FF fresh with fun, informative, and intriguing news on the lad. There have been many dry wells of searching for new news about Michael. And finding new images that are pretty much 'first dibs' and haven't been posted elsewhere, have been few and far. But I loved the challenge every moment. There were times when I felt slightly demotivated as readership and poster commentary was very low and I just couldn't get the search engines to work in my favor to coordinate with my blog to update and notify the Internet that there was a new blog article related to Michael Fassbender. Basically, the Pinging services of Google and Technorati have just sucked. And to this very day, other Michael sites, and many that are very obscure and not really doing him justice in promoting him, overshadow my efforts here at FF. Like those pages are featured higher in a Google or Yahoo search queue than FF which is updated at least several times a week with fresh info, or, creatively fresh info (wink). But oh well, what can I do but just keep updating FF and providing some cool reading material to just keep people coming back. If you have any tips, please share. Danke!

Due to my TIFF09 plans and working two underpaying jobs like a dog, my anniversary gift to you readers has been delayed, but I hope to present it to you all in due time. I just want to thank all the avid readers and the few regular posters, including the anonymous posters, for your contributions and positive feedback. And I have particularly enjoyed passionate email conversations with regular posters regarding topics that just ain't ready for prime time here at FF (another wink). Many active blogs do not have steady comments from posters, so it is a blessing to get at least one comment a week from the Fassinators and lurkers.

Please continue to enjoy reading FF and don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions or suggestions about the blog. I value all feedback and reply back to everyone as soon as I can.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement in Fassinating Fassbender's first year, and here's to MANY more YEARS of Fassbendering! And lastly, thanks to Michael Fassbender for being a source of creative inspriration and providing his fans with quality cinematic enjoyment for years to come! This is just the beginning folks! ♥ ♥


Anonymous said...

Hey Simone big up to you girl. I discovered FF a few months ago and although I haven't been posting or indeed even had much time to lurk in the past couple of weeks, I love FF it looks so professional and easy to read & navigate. Enjoy TIFF & I'm looking forward to the Fish Tank debate - I hope to see it before the end of the month. Here's to many more anniversaries & to Michael's success.

Anonymous said...

Simone, you do an unbelievable job on this site. It's not one of those 'crazy fan' sites. Your posts are insightful and respectful. That's what makes it such a great site to visit. Don't stop what you're doing!

Simone said...

Thank you both for your kind comments. I really appreciate it. And don't worry, I will not bore of Michael Fassbender. As long as I have fingers, I'll keep updating FF.


Glenn said...

Great work Simone - an amazing site!!

Simone said...

Thanks Glenn! xoxo

Saltire Flower said...

Happy anniversary Simone. You do a great job and if I need a little update on what Michael is up to I just come here. Have fun at TIFF!