Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael interview with Empire Online

I found this on ONTD! and checked it out quickly and figured it would be just what we needed here at FF. Some of you may have seen this before, but I haven't. You know, as much time as I put into FF, some things fall through my Fassy Filter and I miss it for a bit. But I get my act together eventually and bring it to your attention as soon as I can. Apparently Empire interviewed the primary dudes of Inglourious Basterds and based on the comments at ONTD, Michael's fanbase is expanding exponentially as each day passes. And that's a good thing. I recall in one of Michael's recent interviews where he says he has a 'soft Irish' accent and he gets the piss taken out of him about it when he's home in Ireland. Well to me, he sounds Irish, not Canadian, but not British either. Hey, maybe his accent is just called, 'Sexy', from Sexylandia. Yeah, that's what it sounds like.

And here's a good one! A nice lady named Virginia posted in the FF Guestbook the other day and her comment made me giggle. (I found this image at Rottentomatoes from an Aussie Fassinator.) Click here to see the image below 'live'. Blogger de-animate gif images. Idiots.

"I would like to know how he came to become the perfect male body in 300. He is only one of two PERFECT male specimens I've ever seen, period...and I used to model. I've seen alot of so-called good looking men, but his body is to die for!"

You ain't lyin' sister. As a male model enthusiast back in my New York City days, I worked with male models, and as a Libra, I'm cursed in having the eye for male beauty and Adonis type bodies. When I first saw Michael in '300', I wondered if he was a European model because he is not only handsome, but his body is ridiculously fantastic! Extremely lean and well proportioned. And I believe him when he says those abs were all his, nothing CGI or contouring makeup about those bad boys. And if you refer to those gorgeous GQ photos, you can easily see what me and Virginia are talking about.

I would love to ask Michael about his work out regime, but I think if I could speculate, he probably does some form of Pilate's or yoga to stay limber and lean. Those are also muscle building physical exercises that are low impact but pack a punch in your physique. He also likes to dance, so he keeps those beautiful legs in top form; his six pack is courtesy of crunches; and those delicious biceps are formed from old fashioned push ups and some weight resistance training. Seeing him prance around half-naked in the kitchen in Fish Tank, I reckon he probably weighs, maybe, 11 stone, if that. And that's after he eats a full course sushi meal and a donut!

I hope my speculation answers your question Virginia. Now my question for you is, who is the second male specimen you are referring to? I must know this.

BTW, due to the various stages of lack of clothing on Mr. Fassbender in Fish Tank, this is a DVD that will be in Simone's select DVD library. I don't have Hunger or Eden Lake in my collection as those films I don't enjoy watching like how I do with '300', for instance. And a great benefit in watching Fish Tank is that Michael/Connor doesn't die!! Yeah! You might want to slap the shit out of him, but he doesn't die! Remember my bitching about his demise in Basterds? I've had enough of Michael's characters dying! Enough!

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