Monday, September 14, 2009

Michael is Definitely Pumped in NY Times Style Fashion Special

I really, really, really, LOVE gorgeous skinny guys in leather pants. While wet.

Photos by Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Oh, to read the interview, go to the New York Times.
Try to get an actual copy of this issue. It's going to be a collectors item must have. You read it here first!

Hello everyone! I made it back home this afternoon after spending 3 full exhausting days in Toronto for the 34th International Film Festival. I am so tired, but I feel obligated to not only post these pictures that Tina told me about in Toronto (I bought the actual newspaper on Sunday, a good $8 CAN investment), but also to write a bit about Fish Tank.

But firstly, these pictures. Ain't they gorgeous? Especially the tight leather pants one. Very hot, maybe too hot. I have a thing, not a fetish, but, just a cute innocent, thing, about guys wearing tight black leather pants. Michael looks more like a rock star than a movie star, but I'm not complaining, he looks gorgeous in those leather pants. Being featured as the cover model for the New York Times Style Fashion magazine in this Sunday's newspaper is no small feat. This is a brilliant PR move as Inglourious Basterds is still hot at the box office, crossing the $100 million domestic mark, and while his Fish Tank movie is screening at Toronto. What a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the world in this brief interview with hot photos. I'm glad there is diversity in the photos ranging from proper chap, to Euro model stud, to the leather pants wearing sex God photo that will surely please both his female and male fans. [I acquired another copy of the fashion magazine today. If you're interested in buying it, just email me.]

I will discuss Fish Tank more thoroughly later tonight or tomorrow, but my first impression is that it was an excellent film. I knew I would be intrigued by Michael's character Connor, the new man in the household of a mother and her two girls. And almost immediately, when Mia, played wonderfully by Katie Jarvis, meets Connor, she's cautiously smitten and he seems to be the first person that calms her down. Connor is not a bad man, but he has a secret about his life that is commonplace with many men. Basically, he was just slumming it for a short spell and the women who encountered him, specifically Mia, a young girl so desperate for a father figure, a lover, love, and guidance, were hurt terribly. But good things do come out of very bad things as the story developed towards the end. The scene in question between Connor and Mia was done discreetly but it was obvious that Connor was in the wrong. Even though Mia wanted him, very badly, Connor was the adult and should have known better. But he's selfish. Again, he's not a bad or mean guy, he's incredibly charming, intelligent, fun, funny, charismatic, and compassionate. So that's why you empathize with Mia, her sister Tyler, and her mother when he has to leave. He was good for them when he was good, but his current lifestyle secret would not allow it. And when Mia does some investigation to find him, and open up an incredible Pandora's box of bullshit and drama - Connor's reaction towards Mia in their final encounter is understandable, but he was still in the wrong and this all could have ended up terrible in so many ways.

I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars because I felt there were some parts that were slow and dragged on a bit. Repeated scenes of Mia dancing were too long, but I understand why they were in the film, to demonstrate the importance hip-hop dancing is to Mia (it serves as a form of escapism from her troubled and unhappy life). The language used by the kids in the film is extremely rough. Some people chuckled in the audience, but it's not funny. It's just the way they speak to people, their peers, and parents, and it's quite sad, but a reality in that life.

If you have the opportunity to see Fish Tank, I highly suggest you do so as it is an enriching film experience, one that provides lessons for us all about life and consequences from the choices we make. And again, out of bad, as in Mia's case, good can come of it.

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