Thursday, September 10, 2009


At 6am EST Friday morning, I'll be driving to Toronto for the 34th T.O. Int'l Film Festival. I will be screening seven movies, and the first one...
is Fish Tank starring our homeboy Michael Fassbender. He's not going to be there, but that's ok cuz
I really want to see this movie! I'll twitter ya'll as soon as possible and I will give a full report on Monday evening. I'll be hooking up with regular poster 'Tina' and it's going to be a fun Friday. (Click on the pictures, I finally found big ones).

Buh bye! xoxo

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Simone said...

I'm having a great time at tiff. Saw Fish Tank with MFO ladies, Tina and Kathy and we all enjoyed the movie. Michael was fantastic and beautiful, but very naughty in a sinfully delightful way.

Got to meet director Andrea Arnold, I shook her hand and told her how much I enjoyed 'Red Road' and it enticed me to see 'Fish Tank', esp since I'm a huge Michael fan, to which she smiled and said thank you. :-)

I also saw 'Antichrist' this morning. Very good. Very distrubing too. And just saw The Vintner's Luck - Gaspar Ulliel can give Michael a run for his money in the handsome devil department that's for damn sure. I like em tall and dark anyway. Arrrrrrr!