Friday, September 25, 2009


I couldn't go into the weekend with the creepy Blood Creek movie poster at the top of the page. So I found this still from Fish Tank. Here we have Michael/Connor (aka slumming sexy scumbag) checking out Mia in the kitchen. I saw FT two weeks ago today in Toronto and I still find myself thinking about the film. I read Marjo's latest comment about Fish Tank in the Guestbook, and I'm anxious to read what other Fassinators have to say about FT. So, share your peace on the movie, even if you have issues with it.

And I have a funny thing to share with you. In the two and a half years that I have been a Michael Fassbender fan, I have forbidden myself to use any of his images (himself or in character) as my screensaver on my computer. I just thought it was too fangirly and unprofessional, and I have been proud of that stance all this time. BUT, I broke down two days ago and said 'Fuck it!' and I now have the 'sexy wet tight black leather pants' Mondino photo (image on the left sidebar, duh) as my screensaver set upon a black background. Laurie came over for cookies and tea and saw my screensaver and just said, 'Wow'.

Yeap, that just about sums it up.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Fish Tank on Friday night and I have to say I was disappointed. Simone you put me onto Red Road which I think is a great film. Fish Tank for me pales in comparison. I didn't feel any real empathy for any of the characters. I didn't feel there was any depth to any of them. I didn't feel any of them had any redeeming features - with the exception of Mia's "boyfriend" the young Traveller guy. Red Road for me has a real tension about it - all the way through I was eager to know what was coming next I didn't feel this with Fish Tank. Mia was used appallingly by Connor but there was very little redemption for Mia and he did not get what he deserved either so my overall feeling was ...."and?"
I feel Michael played Connor as cold, controlling and manipulative (which is what I think he was) but for me one of Michael's great strengths as an actor is his ability to keep me guessing. He oozes ambiguity and he has amazing screen chemistry - I wanted a whole lot more of both in Fish Tank.