Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tiff Week

I could only find the French version of the Fish Tank movie poster.
I'm very excited to see Andrea Arnold Friday night at tiff. She'll most likely answer questions about Fish Tank.

Luckily, for the sixth year in a row, I will be attending the Toronto International Film Festival from Friday, Sept 11th through Monday the 14th. I'm even more excited this year as I not only stay a whole day longer, but I will be seeing five more films than I normally do. In the previous years, work commitments kept me from staying in Toronto longer and I didn't have much interest in the films that were shown during the short time I was there. But this year is totally different! TIFF is throwin' down and showing so many fantastic and highly anticipated films during its first four days. Why? Well, I reckon it's because the tiff organizers realizes that tiff tourist, namely the regular folk, have jobs and lives back at home, and their monies will be better put to use during the beginning of the film festival, and the city of Toronto greatly benefits from the weekend tourists also.

Of course the true cinematic die-hards, the celebrities, industry insiders, and the actual cool Torontonians will keep the luster of the festival alive and well post Tuesday, with the festival wrapping up on Saturday the 19th.

I'm pleased to announce that Nathaniel at the Film Experience blog, has asked me to write a review of Fish Tank for his blog. He's unfortunately not able to attend tiff, so he's asking a few regular posters to serve as guest bloggers to report about the Tiff screenings. I got first dibs on Fish Tank, a highly anticipated North American premiere film, and I'm excited and nervous. I'm crap at writing an actual 'review', but I will muster up the vocabulary to pass off as a decent reviewer. I better be in top form as his blog receives attention from the film industry and they won't be impressed with unprofessional Fassy gushing that's for sure. It just takes a different sort of creative writing energy to write a critical review/commentary on a film. So I will do my best. I also tossed my hat into the ring on several of the other films I plan on seeing in the event none of the other guest writers cover those films.

One more thing, I just realized is that The Telluride Film Festival in the state of Colorado, will show Fish Tank there! So technically it will have it's first stateside premiere but I'm not sure when it will screen during the festival which starts this weekend.

Meanwhile, I don't know if any of you who plan to attend tiff noticed that Fish Tank is listed on the ticket purchase page of tiff as a PG rated film. Surely this is a mistake as it is about to be released in the UK, its rating there is a 15A. That seems more accurate because based on a few small clips I have seen, the harsh language and the sexual content definitely puts this film in the 15A category.

I will do everything in my power to update FF before I take off for Toronto on Friday. If not, watch my simone66 twitter for tiff/Fish Tank updates via my mobile. Apparently when you sign up to post on via your mobile number, you can only update one twitter account with that one phone number. I'm too lazy to change it to the FassFass account, but, the other account is cool as you can read the updates here at FF along the sidebar.

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