Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes, Michael is a sure thing!

I'm sure by now many of you have read the Times Online interview article with Michael from this weekend. That's where this image comes from, I only wish it were larger. While reading the article, I scratched my head when they stated which drama school he attended in London, and a comment from a reader clarified that a bit. This is what was written:

James Kemp wrote:
Fascinating interview of a remarkable young actor, but Michael did NOT go to Central School of Speech and Drama as stated in the article but to Drama Centre London. A little bit of fact checking would go a long way and this knowledge would help explain Michael's desire to research and be thoroughly prepared for each role, Drama Centre London being the most famous drama school in the UK which trains actors in the Methodological Approach.

Thanks James for setting the record straight. And in my search this morning for new Fassbender info, I found this article from the Chicago Tribune (a fantastic city I visited this weekend for a NIN concert), and low and behold, Michael is listed as just one of 10 stars that are a "sure thing".

Here's the Michael bit:

Call them the New Reliables — the screen performers we've come to count on through thick and thin (or "through thin," as Mel Brooks used to say), in good films and bad, in leading roles as well as supporting turns. Like their old studio-system counterparts, they've spent enough hours in front of a camera to keep their heads above water when the scripts threaten to drown them in mediocrity. And they can rise to the occasion when the quality's there. The old joke about acting suggests sincerity's the key, and once an actor learns how to fake that, she's all set. But many of the best talents working today have something else going for them, something to do with being themselves, or a version of themselves, when it serves the character they're playing. This isn't fakery; it's learning to relax in the most artificial of circumstances. Here are 10 of my favorite New Reliables. I'm sure you have a few of your own.


Lucky break: TV's "Band of Brothers" in 2001.

Proof of durability: Even with Christoph Waltz stealing the show in "Inglourious Basterds," Fassbender stands out with his George Sanders-like turn as a film critic-turned-Allied spy.

Why he's good: Stalwart, charismatic, versatile.

Excellent! The more frequently that Michael's name is dropped in obscure articles like this, the more people will learn about him in a concise manner. Haven't you been reading articles like the one from this weekend about how Michael described during the Bobby Sands Venice Beach diet that he lost his libido? Well, leave it up to some skanky "blogger journalist" to revise that interview and re-title it 'Bobby Sands killed my Sex Drive'. So silly and irresponsible!

Anyway, as I'm preparing for tiff in just 10 days, it seems that the guest list has not been updated, so still, there's no news about Michael making an appearance there. I'm really not expecting him to be there as I have been reading a lot of Andrea Arnold interviews and she's really quite a fascinating woman. Did you know that Fish Tank had a production budget of only £ 2 million? So you can imagine that there just might not be funds to finance any of the actual actors to attend Toronto, unless they pay for it themselves. And we all know how budget conscience IFC is (roll eyes). But I will be happy to watch a Q&A with Andrea after the screening as she can offer valuable insight into the subject matter about council estate living and the social dilemmas faced by the characters. Meanwhile, Michael is probably gearing up for his next role or just on a well deserved break. He is not obligated to attend Toronto and I accept that.

And speaking of Michael's roles, I found news about Creek. Finally! It looks like Creek will get limited release by Gold Circle Films on September 18th! I don't know why it will be in limited release, but since it's a horror film, it should be widely released in October? Ya think? Tie it all up with Halloween and stuff? But, what the hell do I know?

And on a final note, in light of the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy last week, the Village Voice is already talking about a film about his life. And guess who made the first round of gossip chatter about who should play Ted? Well, afterall, Michael is Irish... half of him is.


Anonymous said...

Hi Simone
Any other news on Michael? I saw him in Inglourious Basterds and he was brilliant,he certainly matched Mike Myers, although I thought he would be in the film for longer.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time at TIFF

Simone said...

There doesn't seem to be any new news about Michael at the moment. If you follow my FassFass twitter, I did post a link to an article from earlier this week that revealed some new info. Very interesting. But other than that, I'm busy with work and planning my tiff trip.

My friend in Toronto confirmed that I got all my screenings. Some are planning to see Fish Tank for a second time the morning after the Friday screening. I have interest in other films so one screening is enough for me. My friend Laurie will be seeing it too. I'll try to update FF in the next day or two, but most definitely before I take off for Toronto on Sept. 11th.