Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing the Fassy News Network mailing list!

An idea came to mind this morning about another form of communication to the readers of Fassinating Fassbender. We have the blog here, and we have the FassFass Twitter account, but I realized that sometimes, fassinators may not have access to the internet per se, but rather, just access to email. So, why not create a mailing list to send quick info to subscribers? I did some researching and created a bravenet mailing list to support the Fassy News Network! Yeah, I know, it's cheesy, but it's cute.

There is a plain subscriber box on the right sidebar - all you need is your name and the email address you want to receive FNN updates, and you're all set. My intentions are to send out a weekly email, but maybe breaking news will prompt me to send emails out a few times a week. But don't worry, this will not become a spam set up as I can only send out one email a day per my *free* subscription.

So if by the end of this week, there's at least 10 subscribers, I'll send out the first email to close out the week. Meanwhile...

The only news we have on Michael, who appears to have gone into hiding, is that at the Chicago International Film Festival, 'Fish Tank' won the Silver Hugo jury prize award, and Michael won for Best Supporting Actor.

Gold Plaque for Best Supporting Actor to Michael Fassbender in FISH TANK (UK) for his stunning charismatic presence that infuses life into this sad family momentarily and then absconds in shameful weakness.

I think that perfectly sums up the complexity of Conor and how well Michael portrayed him.

In other Fassy related news, it appears that by Christmastime, you may have Inglourious Basterds as a gift. It will be released on Blu-ray Hi Def and regular folk DVD on December 15th.


Anonymous said...

Also excellent for the non-high- tech non-twitter-ati like moi. Excellent idea. I like. Thank you for your efforts and tech knowledge

Simone said...

Brilliant! Thanks, I'm glad you agree. My sister does not have internet access at work, but she can read her emails, and her situation reminded me that possibly many fassy fans are the same boat.

Low tech people are cool in my book sister! xoxo