Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Michael crumbs

It's my goal, no matter how little new info there is about Michael Fassbender, to still update FF twice a week. So to close out this busy week, here it is. But first, I want to address my Trois magazine find from this past Monday.

Because I work probably in excess of 55 hours a week, and still try to find the time to devote to this passion of mine, when I find a new image of Michael and better yet, a new interview article, I'm ecstatic! I immediately want to share it with Fassyland and see how excited fans get. I don't subscribe to the belief of stating that I was the first to find something, I never have done that here at FF. I find that to be immature and melodramatic, after all, it is not something I created, written originally, or was the photographer. But when I do find something that HAS NOT been posted elsewhere in Fassyland, like I did with the Trois image, and then with the help from a regular visiting 'Anon' reader who moments later dug even deeper and found the actual web link and pdf file of the actual magazine, it was a fantastic synchronicity.

I also posted the information, images and links at the FassFass twitter within minutes. And then later that day, that very information was passed on within the fandom at several places w/o giving finders credit to FF. As if the person found the Trois info all on their own. All one has to do is look at the timestamp of when something is posted to a blog, or at Twitter (the further down the 'Michael Fassbender' search queue, the older the information is), to see when the information was originally introduced to the masses. No one fan is the authority on all things Michael Fassbender. No one fan is superior over the other, or is the go to person for information. I'm just a huge Michael fan who happens to be the editor of the only Michael Fassbender Fan Blog, I have my little itty bitty piece of the pie and I'm content.

Something similar to this has happened before earlier this summer and I just blew it off. But this time, I just felt that my hard work in researching and researching went unappreciated and unacknowledged by those who watch FF from afar but otherwise want nothing to do with it. FF is good enough only to copy info from, keep tabs on, but not to credit it. It's just common courtesy. I'll say no more on this issue, there's nothing I can or will do about it other than to express my concern over the matter. And this is why I just focus on FF, and stay here, and work hard to update it for my readers, and make it a blog that Michael Fassbender would be proud of.

I don't know how in the hell I overlooked this image from Comicon. It's been such a stressful summer for me, so I'll give myself a break. Maybe you all haven't seen it, so I hope it's fresh and fun for you. Maybe I'm having a complete brain meltdown because I don't think I've seen this before. Trying to ignore the overrated person in the middle (ahem), I'm particularly looking forward to the scenes between Michael and a long-time favorite actor of mine, Josh Brolin, in Jonah Hex next summer.

Although by now most if not all of you have seen Inglourious Basterds, but images from the film, specifically images of Michael have been few and far. I particularly fancy this photo because I enjoyed the brief screen time that Michael shared with Michael Myers.

I'm a little annoyed at the moment because I have yet to view the Season 2 DVD of Hex that Tina sent to me just days before Tiff. I need a dual region DVD player because unfortunately on this side of the planet, our 'American' DVD players hate on the PAL version DVDs of Europe. I have the option to view it on my computer, but the problem is that I have a limited alloted time set on my computer for it to play PAL DVDs. If I view too many DVDs on the PAL setting, it will stay set like that forever and ever and I won't be able to play my NTSC/American DVDs. This is so stupid! However, my friend Laurie has a multi-region DVD player and has invited me to bring it over there to watch. BUT, my ass work so many evenings, I can't make it over there, and when I am home, I'm either too damn tired, or she's not home. So fucked up! And to add insult to injury, I still can't play The Devil's Whore cd that Tina made me either. So that's two Fassy entertainment options that I'm pissed off about in not being able to view.

And, here's another thing, I just read on twitter a comment about Michael's appearance in A Band of Brothers. I don't know if I have confessed that I haven't watched this mini-series yet, I remember when it was on HBO but I just couldn't be bothered to watch it as I was still living in NYC and reeling from 9/11. It has been my intention to watch it one day, but I was hesitant as I didn't know how much screen time Michael has, and I'm not going to lie, I only would have bothered with BoB because of Michael. But now, thanks to this tidbit, I'll pass on it.

burnbright i love when people say 'watch Band of Brothers... Michael Fassbender's in it' when he has maybe four scenes and three lines out of 10 hours

LOL! Very cool. Save me some time.

I have changed the color and image scheme of the Guestbook this week, and I will be retiring the 'Basterds' poll this weekend. Thanks for voting, it's safe to say that 88% of us LOVED it (I did the math!). As a reminder, when FF is not updated for days on end, please refer to, or better yet, FOLLOW/subscribe to, the FassFass twitter because I do update it with quick hits of images and links and info that is too brief to devote to an FF blog article on. As Maura just reminded me in her comment in the previous post, Michael will be an adjudicator for the Kerry Film Festival 2009. I posted this a few days ago at FassFass, but understandably, not everyone reads twitter or is on the internet frequently. Thanks Maura!

Have a nice weekend!


hamsterfactor said...

I have the same problem with DVDs, only the other way around: I'm region 2 and I own some R1 DVDs. There are some programs out there which work in the background while watching a DVD on your PC and make the region null as long as the program is working. That way you don't have to manually change your player's region and risk it blocking itself in an unwanted region forever.

There's "DVD Region Killer" which is freeware and I used to have. Now I use "AnyDVD", but you'd need to find a keygen for that. Anyway, these programs are the best solution I've found. Try here:

Also, may I suggest taking the "no credit" thing as calmly as you can? People seem to love to draw attention to themselves online too, thus want to be the only ones thanked for new information/etc. I run an actual fansite and it's happened to me dozens of times. I just try to ignore it nowadays :/

Simone said...

Hello Hamsterfactor, thank you for the information about the DVD programming. I'll look in to it. I need to invest in a multi-region DVD player anyway as my current DVD seems to be running on its last leg, and it's only 5 years old.

Also, thanks again for your understanding of the 'no credit' thing. It was a one time rant, trust me. I just had to get it off my chest and I know it will happen again as that is the nature of fandoms. They would rather have their arm cut off than to say 'I found it at FF', LOL. And you're right, people love to draw attention to themselves and want to be the authority figure in the fandom. I just can't be bothered with the bs.

You have a lovely John Simms website. I'll follow you on twitter, I like him!


Anonymous said...

I'm no techie - I've still failed miserably to follow FassFass on Twitter without doing the whole join Twitter thing but can't you watch The Devil's Whore on Or do the same tech difficulties apply? It's a bit difficult to find on there - doesn't come up when you do a search. But its still on there in Drama the link comes up on page 3. For me John Simm in the Devils Whore says my favoutire comment about a Michael character anywhere. Hope you get to see it soon.

Simone said...

Hi Anon, I will check out to see if I can view Devil's Whore that way. I'm itching to see it as I want to see John Simm along with Fassy.

You don't have to 'join' twitter in order to follow FassFass, just bookmark the page - and visit it daily to see if I updated it. Especially when it's quite on FF.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will be able to see Devil's Whore soon. Michael was great in it, the beard really suits him :)