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Michael featured in Trois #74

Yes! new Fassy images from Trois 74, a french movie magazine.
Thanks to the Anonymous poster. I was able to go to the link she/he provided, and downloaded the pdf of the Trois Fassbender article. And Voila! Click here to read the interview - if you can read in French.

In the past week, I had a birthday, two job interviews, quit one part-time job and replaced it with another one, worked 60 hours, enjoyed the new Pearl Jam cd, and was digging for new Fassy news. I hate it when I can't update FF at least twice a week - but, I found a little something today.

Every city has a cool Free weekly/monthly entertainment magazine, and I discovered this morning that Michael was featured on the #74 issue of Trois magazine, an MK2 freebie in September. I wrote a message to the person who posted the cover on flickr to see if there was an accompanying article with Michael's cover. So if I hear back from the person and they fill me in on what the magazine is about, I will let you all know too.

But other than that, Michael has been seriously on the down low. He did all his work and promotion for Inglourious Basterds and Fish Tank, and now he is nowhere to be found. I read gossip blogs like how people drink water, so I'm always reading about the same celebrities doing the most mundane or silly stuff. Like I read how Gerard Butler was seen coming out of a cafe in LA. Ok, big whoop! But if the paps can spot him in LA all the time (probably because he encourages the pap keeping tabs on him), why can't any of the 10,000 paparazzi catch Michael filling up his car with petrol, or going into Burger King, or shopping at Target? He's human like the rest of and does regular people stuff just like everyone else. But there's not one picture or comment about him doing anything or being anywhere, and he spends a lot of time in LA now. I know it's weird to want to see him out and about, but it's only because it provides generic fodder to help keep FF updated and appease Fassinators with nice updates on what Michael is doing. These long droughts of nothing is so not cool.

This past weekend, Inglourious Basterds inched closer to the $120 million US box office mark and in doing so, it is gaining more Oscar talk strength. In the upcoming Oscar season, 10 films will be listed as nominees for Best Picture, and as per recent discussions at Awards Daily, Inglourious Basterds has been listed in their top 10 list. And based on some of the comments, some fans strongly believe that Basterds could go all the way. I personally think it could merit a Best Picture nomination, but I don't know if it could actually win. Far too much bs and politics go into a film actually winning, so, only time will tell.

And in other Michael movie news, Fish Tank will be featured at the Chicago Film Festival next week and it made Chicago Tribune's Top 10 films to see at the festival. And although I mentioned on FassFass over a week ago, it appears that Blood Creek was only at the second run theaters for like 5 whole days. What a shame. It was a decent horror film and to see it so poorly marketed is ridiculous, especially since Michael Fassbender is such a rising star and featured in two currently running well respected films.

I will keep my eyes and ears open for new Michael news, but I need your help too. Please just email me if you find something or if you have a question that you want to ask and I will try to answer it and post it here at FF.


The miracles of the internet.

I went to Babelfish Translation Altavista, and they have the option to translate an entire damn page. So I opted for the French to English, and voila! Here's the Trois #74 Michael article. Yeah! Please note that the translation is not perfect, but it allows you to read and understand the article much better.


Animal of war (Inglourious Basterds) or animal of sex (Fish Tank), MICHAEL FASSBENDER instills an animal presence into its roles, which appears by an exaggerated instinct of safeguarding. Amputees (Angel), tortured (Lake Eden) or thinned down (Hunger), its characters always deliver a fight baited, before the capitulation. Roles which emblématisent the iron will of the Irish actor, who rose with the height of largest of Hollywood. A beast of burden whose talent bursts again in Fish Tank, where he camps an ambiguous lover. Interview.

_Propos collected by Sandrine Marks and Auréliano Tonet

You often incarnate characters who fall the mask. In Inglourious Basterds, archie Hicox is betrayed by an epic of the hand. In Angel, one learns that Esmé was adulterous. In Fish Tank finally, one discovers that Connor, the dreamed lover, is in fact father. What attracts you in these ambiguous roles?

I like much to interpret double characters or to imply in films ambiguities very. As a spectator rather, I find that more interesting when the film questions me, than when all the answers are given to me.

D' Hunger with Fish Tank, your characters are often pulled about by moral problems. Do you regard Connor as somebody of bad?

I do not like the “bad” adjective and am not certain to include/understand it. More exactly, I could not approach a character who would have as a characteristic to be “bad”, parce I could not represent it at all to me. I take into account his motivations and the means at his disposal. In Fish Tank, Connor is somebody who does not have the direction of the responsibilities and which flees the difficulties. It is inconsistent, which could make it pass for a coward. However, I do not regard it as somebody of malevolent, his intentions are creditable. In my opinion, its behavior with respect to Mia is amoral when it draws advantage from its statute of ideal man, as a professor with his pupil. It is a deeply weak man.

In the majority of your films, you use your body in a remarkable way. Why the scenario writers like do so much to abuse you, of after you?

Perhaps the directors love all crucifier their actors! Body dimension was always very important for me. The way in which a character moves and is held enables me to discover what it is. With the body, you can convey a heap of things: the confidence which the character in him has, the trade which he exerts, its social origins, its frame of mind, its intentions…

There is a true bestiary in Fish Tank. Do you think that it underlines the primary education inclinations of your character?

I never perceived Connor like a predator. It is not if calculator. I received only the part of the scenario which concerned my character, as I were not with the current as there were all these animals in the history. After having seen film, I think that the horse is the animal emblématique. Mia wants to release this animal full with spirit of its chains.

In Inglourious Basterds, archie Hicox speaks almost perfect German. Up to what point do your mixed origins help you to approach multicultural roles?

I feel very European [from German father and Irish mother, Michael was born in Heidelberg, in Germany, but grew in Killarney, in Ireland, note]. We have a history whose diversity and exchanges make that one learns much from/to each other. We learned how to cohabit in a single way and to appreciate a variety of cultures in a very concentrated space. I draw much from this richness. More specifically, for film of Tarantino, I had the advantage of knowing to speak German. But I was rusted a little. I worked with a Germanic repeater and I did not have any more but to practise the language, still and still. They is also simple and tedious which that.

Film 300 opened the doors of Hollywood to you. Do you regret sometimes your beginnings of actor amateur?

A great part of me admires and regrets this period when one fights to work. That gives you a greed, a force and a requirement which can dissolve in success. If one compares this course with the rise of a mountain, most important do reside in the progression or the arrival at the top? This being said, I would not like to return at the period when I took run of comedy, knowing what arrived to me thereafter…

How do you feel in Hollywood?

I occupy a privileged position, which I do not regard as not acquired. There are many realizers whom I admire and with which I would like to work. I am happiest of the men because I work, whereas I spent the years to languish me for roles. Not right to complain!

Which are your projects?

I have just completed the turning of a western, heading Jonah Hex de Jimmy Hayward, with Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Megan Fox. I had fun much. There still, I estimate myself happy to be myself measured with such sizes. Blockbusters or films of author, I do not see the difference with share the number of people implied in the process. Afterwards, I make my duties in the same way!


Anonymous said...


The interview from the french magazine is on the net here:
It is also possible to download a pdf file of the magazine. You can see the link on the website. It has a new picture i haven't seen before.

Simone said...

Thank you. I bow to you 1,000 times.

I'm trying to download the pdf right now.

This is the kind of help I need. I tried to find the article link, but had not luck. Perhaps I just didn't dig far enough. Thank you again! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Michael will be an adjudicator for the Kerry Film Festival 2009. Information here at this link

Simone said...

Thanks Maura. I posted this on the FassFass twitter a few days ago, but I'll remind everyone about it in the latest blog entry.