Friday, October 23, 2009


This is going to be a brutally busy work weekend for me and I know if I will have time to make a post on FF if I don't do it this very moment. Here's another still from Inglourious Basterds of our favorite basterd, Michael as Lt. Archie Hicox. I will definitely buy the DVD of Basterds in December and I have my fingers crossed that Michael is featured in the DVD extras.

Like the rest of you, I received a narly Google alert about a '32 year-old Michael Fassbender', but this Michael person is a nasty guy, a very mean person in Spokane, Washington. It just sucks that some asshole shared not only the same common first name, but shares the same uncommon surname, AND is the same age as Fassy. You know what this person did, so I won't repeat it. I just have to get it out there that the ACTOR Michael Fassbender is out there somewhere, probably in LA, working his tail off in getting his next film project(s) secured for the next two years. It's just that some people will automatically assume that this report is about Fassy and it absolutely is not. Trust me, there aren't a lot of bright people out there.

And thanks to those of you who have subscribed to the Fassy News Network mailing list. A few of you are still in the 'pending' queue which means that you have to go to your email and confirm your subscription to the mailing list. I would have sent out a short email today, but I didn't want some key people to miss the first email because their subscription is still pending. So go to your email account pronto and just confirm the FNN subscription. Thanks!

Have a nice weekend!

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