Thursday, October 15, 2009

Screen Test: Michael Fassbender

Here is a New York Times video interview of Michael Fassbender in conjunction with his cover story last month for the New York Times Style Magazine. I didn't realize just how funny and versatile he is. And he looks smashing to boot! [Apparently this video only works with IE, not Firefox!]


Marjo said...

That one put a smile on my face! Your blog is like a Christmas calendar :)

Anonymous said...

Well judging by the sidebar photos that sure looks like a Tom Selleck moustache to me.

If the boy was chocolate he'd eat himself.

Simone said...

Hey Marjo, glad to see you posting here on the blog! And I'm happy that FF is like Christmas for you. xoxo

Yeah, Michael's comments about Tom were cool, and I personally would love to see Michael walk around in little tight shorts. And if he were chocolate, I think we would eat him up before he had the chance to eat himself! LOL!