Monday, November 9, 2009

The ABCs of Michael Fassbender

Let's start off the week with a fun breakdown of the ABCs of Michael Fassbender. I created this alpha list in no time as it was easy to think of one word to describe Michael and his life/career per each letter of the alphabet. I'm sure readers will find their own word for D, L, or S for instance, so feel free to share it if you like. I will offer a small description to some words for clarification. Enjoy!

A - Actor

B - Bloody Mary
(he's quite fond of this beverage)

C - California
- He lives there part-time for work and leisure

D - Determined

E - European (he stated in the Crash magazine interview that he considers himself European)

F - Fish Tank

G - German
- Half German, Born in Germany, Has a German passport

H - Handsome
- duh

I - Irish
- Half Irish, Raised in Ireland

J - Joker
- Michael has a brilliant sense of humor

K - Killarney
- A town in the South of Ireland, County Kerry, where he was raised

L - London
- Moved there when he was 18, owns a home in Hackney

M - Multi-talented
(likes to sing, plays instruments, and he dances)

N - Nice
(so many fan/media reports mention how nice he is)

O - Oscar
- He's going to be nominated and may win one in the future!

P - Passionate

Q - Quentin Tarantino

R - Rising Star

S - Smart

(He's going to be a staple at TIFF in years to come)

U - Unknown
(believe it or not, he's still not that well known)

V - Villain
- he'll play a villain in next summer's Jonah Hex.

W - Winner
(he's won acting awards for 'Hunger' and 'Fish Tank')

X - Xtreme

Y - Yoga

Z - Zeal

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