Monday, November 23, 2009

Moar Michael!

I have been extremely busy with work the past few days, and I've been feeling under the weather, AND there hasn't been new news on Michael since last week's 'Jane Eyre' news break. And speaking of which, I have not read the book yet, but I read online that Rochester, the character that Michael will play, is an ugly man. Ok, so, um, why is Michael is talks to play Rochester? I guess I need to read the book to find out. Did they have plastic surgery back then?

So anyway, in preparation for an even quieter week due to Thanksgiving here in the states, here are a few pictures I found tonight that I hope you all enjoy and haven't seen before. I recall an anon poster was very pleased with the 'Fish Tank' kitchen scene still from last week. Well, you're going to love this one even more. ;)

BTW, I'm working on getting some 'Blood Creek' stills of Michael, so stay tuned!

Fan signing at what I believe to be at the '300' London premiere.

Edit: I remember where I have seen this before. It's a scene from Fish Tank at Connor's job. His hair is the perfect length in this movie! He could be in a shampoo commercial!


Anonymous said...

Jane Eyre is generally accepted as an early classic of "feminist" or at least female-centered literature. Readings and modern adaptations generally portray Rochester as a supporting character the main focus being Jane herself & Rochester's first wife. For a fair portion of the book Jane and Rochester are apart - generally in adaptations this portion of the book does not feature prominently. I think you may well be right that he is described as ugly in the book (ages since I've read it) but I think there would be very few female fans (feminist or not) of the book or of the many adaptions that would regard him as ugly, more like unconventionaly handsome in relation to the standards of the day (whatever they were). I certainly see him as dark and brooding. The gothic element of the novel is generally underplayed these days especially in comparison to Wuthering Heights, but if we can't have Michael as Heathcliff I'll certainly take him as Rochester and think he would be brilliant in the part. My only note of caution is that Jane Eyre like Wuthering Heights has been a bit done to death I'm wondering what new interpretation can be brought to bear. But as classic Rochester Michael is for me an obvious candidate.

Simone said...

I appreciate your informative feedback on Jane Eyre/Rochester. I will collect this book at the library the next time I am there. It's embarrassing to admit that I have not seen any of the Jane Erye adaptations, but I have seen several Wuthering Heights, and that's why I was so looking forward to Michael as Heathcliff. But the heavy gothic style of 'Jane' may wind up to be more of my cup of tea anyway.

camille infante said...


I will attempt to screencap the shit out of Fish Tank over winter break but finals are coming up (college... ugh) so I won't have the time. Perhaps I will make another assdimple macro. P.S. that scene in the "home depot" was pretty great.

Simone said...

Hey Camille, you kick ass gf! Screencap the hell outta Fish Tank when time allows. I'll be here waiting patiently. :)

Yes, that Home Depot scene was very intriguing. He was so conflicted, jealous, and unethical. Just loved him, in a bad way.

Good luck with your finals.

Anonymous said...

I loved the latest BBC TV adaptation of Jane Eyre. And look just how ugly Rochester is ;)
Michael would be just great in that role: the brooding look just fits him so well.

Simone said...

Oh goody! That Rochester does look very bitter. Michael does bitter and brooding very well, he just ain't ugly. And I totally hope he has longish curly/wavy hair, he looks great with long hair.

Here's a direct link to the not-so-pretty