Monday, November 16, 2009

New old hot pictures of Fassy!

Thanks to bluebear_74 at this ONTD! post on Michael - This is a Post about a Sexy Person, she posted several new images (on page 3 of the thread) that I have not seen before from the GQ photoshoot from this past summer. Additionally, I went to her livejournal webpage and found two more newer images of Michael.

The language used at ONTD is very saucy if not downright nasty at times, but it's all in fun. There are a lot of crazy Fassinators out there!

Source: ONTD!


DEZMOND said...

OMG, Simone, why wasn't I informed before that this universe has a divine shrine dedicated solely to the one and the almighty Fassbender??? :))))
I'm immediately putting you on my public blog list, and kindly asking you to put me among Fassbender's friendly blogs, since HOLLYWOOD SPY is one of his biggest fans :))

Keep up the good work, hope to see you often over in my place ;)

PS you are free to publish our latest poll in which he won the high second place earning a huge amount of votes.

Simone said...

He Dezmond, sorry I didn't toot my horn at Hollywood Spy earlier, but it's better later than never eh? I will gladly add Hollywood Spy to the blog roll, and I will be happy to add your poll results here at FF.

Thanks, and I'll see ya around!


DEZMOND said...

Thank you as well :) Fassbender deserves a little fanmania around Blogger ;)